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© Cynthia Eid: "Convergences II"

Sterling Container. Finalist in the Saul Bell Competition 2004. Sterling silver sheet was microfolded (corrugated) in a microfold brake.  After annealing, it was microfolded again, at an angle to the first direction. Each sheet was sawn into a circle. Each circle was deep drawn in a hydraulic press to make the rough forms. The forms were trued and gently flared with mallets and steel stakes. The center section was formed (anticlasted) with hammers, mallets, and stakes.  The rim was carefully formed and fitted. Soldering these to the textured vessel was tricky---getting the alignment right, and avoiding having the solder fill the texture were exacting procedures. The sterling silver is a new alloy containing germanium, which is called Bright Silver, or Argentium Sterling.  The germanium replaces some of the usual copper.  This gives the metal tarnish resistance as well as improved working properties.

Argentium Sterling Silver
4" h x 2½" dia.

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