Charleen Weidell
Grand Prize Winner


"Pepo" Miniature Teapot ©
Materials: sterling, anodized aluminum
Dimensions: 5" high x 5" deep x 7" long
School: San Diego State University
Teachers: Helen Shirk, Arline Fisch, Wendy Maruyama
Metal-arts department head: Helen Shirk
Photo: Charleen Weidell

How it was created: "Pepo" is made of 18-gauge sterling sheet that was raised, chased and repousséd. The handle and lid elements were carved from aluminum stock and wire, anodized and dyed. This was one of three semester projects.

The design was inspired by my interest in botanical images and the cycles of life that can be used as metaphors for my own growth. "Pepo" is the name of the squash family that this object resembles. I hope to convey the characterization of a quick and perky image for the pick-me-up cup of tea.

Charleen Weidell
4146 Stephens St.
San Diego, CA 92103

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