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Sculpture.gifArtisans in Silver:
Enduring Traditions Through the Next Millennium

© "Urn" Sculpture: Ronald Wyancko

National Ornamental Metal Museum
July 11-September 5, 1999
374 Metal Museum Dr., Memphis, TN 38106

Tea services. Chalices. Bowls. Flatware. We're familiar with their forms and uses. Utilitarian silver has been employed for thousands of years. Artisans in Silver: Enduring Traditions Through the Next Millennium, encourages Artisans of the Society of American Silversmiths to break free from the confines of functionalism to explore pure form. Sculptural forms appear in all other art disciplines. So why should silver, such a precious material, be considered too noble for sculptural expression?

Over the past two decades, design schools and professional silversmiths have been pushing the limits of utility, being ever more daring to experiment with individual interpretations of how we view everyday objects. Silversmiths tend to be very practical, almost afraid to labor over pure sculpture that may be difficult to sell because it's different—not what one expects. So, here is your chance to view an exhibition of work created by unshackled silversmiths, unleashed from convention, daring to break new ground and offer what has been seen as normal in other mediums. Here's to our being more open-minded with the arrival of the new millennium!

Jeffrey Herman
Executive Director
Society of American Silversmiths

Featured Artisans

Joseph L. Brandom, Nathan's Rattle, 1984
sterling, bone, 7¾"h x 1½"w
Robert A. Butler, Green Frog, 1999
sterling, 1¼"h x 2½"l x 3"w
le Corbeau, Sculpture, 1999
sterling, wood, 24"h x 24"l x 14"w
Jack da Silva ,Until Now, 1999
sterling, 5"h x 12"l x 7"w
Fredric DeVantier, Orb, 1999
sterling, 9½"h x 9½"l x 9½"w
Cynthia Eid, Collection (9 pcs.), 1999
sterling, largest: 5½"h x 2"l x 2"w, smallest: 2"h x ½"l x ½"w
Sea-ish VIII, 1996
sterling, 6"h x 5"w x 1¼"d
John T. Fix, Spring Beauté, 1999
sterling, niobium, copper, 14K gold, wood, garnet, 14½"h x 4"l x 3½"w
Woodland Fragment, 1999, sterling, copper, niobium, 22K gold, moonstone, amethyst, 2¾"h x 6"l x 6½"w
William N. Frederick, Fire Four, 1999
sterling, rosewood, 5"h x 7½"l x 7½"w
Robly A. Glover, Elemental Object #1 (Horns), 1999
sterling, 6"h x 5"l x 5"w x 5"d x 5"dia.
Elemental Object #2 (Ram's Horns), 1999
sterling, 6"h x 5"l x 5"w x 5"d x 5"dia.
Elemental Object #3 (Vining), 1999
sterling, 7"h x 3"l x 3"w x 3"d x 3"dia.
Louis Graveline, Box of Hope, 1999
sterling, golden bronze, gold leaf, 7"h x 3"w x 3"d
Kathy Hart, Separation, 1999
sterling, copper, 4"h x 3¾"l x ¾"w
The Burning Bush, 1999
sterling, copper, 5"h x 5"l x 2½"w
Olle Johanson, Sea Sign #1, 1999
sterling, 6"h x 2"w x 2"d
Sea Sign #2, 1999
sterling, 8"h x 2"w x 2"d
Lynda LaRoche, The Urban Landscape Deconstructed, 1999
sterling, 14K gold, 6½"h x 4½"l x 2½"d
Val Link, Hi Ho Silver, 1999
sterling, water buffalo horn, 11"h x 9"w x 3"d
Richard Mafong, Stars & Stripes, 1997
sterling, 18"l x 8"w x 1¼"d
John C. Marshall, Migration, 1998
fine silver, acrylic, 17"h x 36"l x 14"w
Thomas P. Muir, Sculpture, 1989
sterling, bronze, 11½"h x 5"l x 5¼"w
Paulette Myers, Celestial Aria, 1999
sterling, fine silver, 18K gold, 24K gold, nickel, graphite, 20"h x 4¾" dia.
Maternal Eternal: Power Vessel, 1998
sterling, titanium, iron, paint, rose petals, amethyst, 8"h x 10½" dia.
Robyn Nichols, Eros's Game, 1999
sterling, copper, shagbark, hickory sapling branch, 3½"h x 47"l x 2"d
Cynthia Schlemlein, Black Flower, 1999
sterling, 8"h x 6½"l x 4"w
Billie Jean Theide, No Roses, 1980
sterling, stainless steel, 11"h x 3"w x 3"d
Munya Avigail Upin, Torn 2's & 3's, 1983
sterling, fine silver, 1¼"h x 3¾"l x 3½"w
934 7th Ave., 1983
sterling, nickel, 3h" x 6½l" x 5"w
Wisconsin Landscape, 1983
sterling, nickel, 2½"h x 4¾"l x 2¼"w
Ronald J. Wyancko, Le Corbusier, 1982
sterling, soldered mokumé, 8"h x 5"w x 2"d
Wendy Yothers, Mask,1999
sterling, 10"h x 10"l x 6½"w x 4"d
Valentin Yotkov, The Broken Universe, 1999
sterling, 2¼"h x 3"w x 3"d

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