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Visit our Artisan Silver Gallery first –
we may have that special piece you're looking for!

William Frederick with a sterling hardhat he created.
SAS Artisan William Frederick with a sterling hard hat.

If you are not accustomed to working with free-lance silversmiths, we will connect you with an Artisan who will assist you in the commissioning process.

Whether it's a tea service for formal dining, a Kiddush cup for the Jewish holidays, a handwrought serving piece for an upcoming wedding, or a trophy for a yachting race, we are your source for anything in silver, for any budget. We can also produce objects for corporate conventions, honored guests, individual recognition awards, anniversaries, and retirements.

Do you own a silver tray you're no longer using? Perhaps a Revere-style bowl you've grown bored with? Silversmiths have been repurposing silver for hundreds of years to satisfy the tastes of the time. The spouting then de-spouting of tankards, turning drinking vessels into trophies, even removing chasing on coffeepots for a more contemporary look. Contact us if you're no longer fond of a piece so that we may create something new and exciting as a continuing family heirloom. Don't scrap it, repurpose it!

Examples of objects we can
design & create for you:

• Baby Items
• Bowls
• Boxes
• Candlesticks & Candelabras
• Church Ceremonial Objects
• Coffee & Tea Sets
• Desk Accessories
• Flatware
• Goblets
• Jewelry
• Judaica
• Maces
• Plates, Trays, & Waiters
• Presentation Objects
• Reproductions
• Sculpture
• Smallware (pill boxes, salt & peppers, tea balls,
   card cases, match safes, etc.)
• Trophies
• Vases

SAS Artisan Linda Weiss for Toyota Financial

Mass-Production Services

Are you looking to have a design mass-produced? We work with numerous high quality manufacturers who can design (if you don't have one) and fabricate anything you can imagine: baby cups by the hundred, letter openers by the thousand, key rings by the million! We can even provide custom packaging. If it's made of precious or non-ferrous metal, your search is over!

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Updated 10/11/2011
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