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What We're All About

The Society of American Silversmiths is the go-to resource for anything related to the art and craft of silversmithing. SAS was founded in April 1989 as the nation's only organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of silversmithing. Its Artisan members, those silversmiths who have been juried into the Society based on their outstanding technical and design skills, are provided with support, networking, and greater access to the market. Through its comprehensive Web site, SAS educates the public in silversmithing techniques, silver care, restoration & conservation, and the aesthetic value of this art form.

Another aim of SAS is to assist those students who have a strong interest in becoming silver artisans. With the aid of SAS and its many supplier discounts, students will be better prepared to start their lives as professional silversmiths upon graduation. In addition to an outstanding benefits package, all members have access to the Society's technical and marketing expertise and a unique referral service that commissions silver holloware, flatware, and sculpture from its Artisans. The archives contain Artisan resumes, over 1,400 slides, 400 photographs, and a maker's mark registry for identification.

Liability Issues

The Society of American Silversmiths (SAS), its members, editors, contributors, and executive director disclaim any responsibility or liability for damages or injuries as a result of any construction, design, use, manufacture, restoration & conservation advice, or other activity undertaken as a result of the use or application of information contained on this Web site and all other SAS publications.

Copyright Issues

Throughout the SAS site, all pages are the copyright of SAS. Text and images shown on the SAS site are the property of their owners and, where appropriate, are trademarks of their owners. Text and images contained on the SAS site may not be published separately, in hard copy, or electronically, without the expressed written permission of their owners. All rights are reserved under SAS and no rights are granted by publication of any material made available on the Internet through SAS except as specifically authorized by SAS. Please contact SAS for questions relating to any matter, including but not limited to rights, if any, to copy any material herein. Throughout the site look for the © sign which is a hot link back to this section.

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