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8/9/2017: New York Silver, Then and Now

Museum of the City of New York, June 28, 2017 – June 2018

Exhibition showcases contemporary works of art

alongside historical inspirations from renowned collection. Explores silver as an artistic medium through the centuries

Press release:


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5/30/2017: Our insurance company decided to drop SAS as they didn't receive enough member interest. My apologies, Jeff Herman.

4/29/2017: Thomas Muir's "Cycladic Figure Impregnated," a serving vessel I made in 1987, was purchased by the Toledo Museum of Art in 2017. This is the second in a series of works I made between the mid 1980's and 1990's. The first in the series, "Cycladic Figure with his hair in a roller," is in the Art Institute of Chicago. The hollowware vessel, across cultures, is a fundamental vehicle for functional as well as aesthetic exploration. Historically, and in my own interpretation of it, it can represent the body and life; its emphasis is on the interior and speaks of containment, shelter, and nourishment. The vessel is one of the most basic, ancient, and accessible artistic forms. All of the things that sustain, enrich, and celebrate life can be encapsulated in the vessel: it evokes the womb, the seed, cooking and food storage, human dwellings, and the like. Metaphorically, the vessel addresses issues of renewal, transformation, and growth, as well as social, psychological, and ecological concerns. Throughout my work, an intimate knowledge of natural history supports my visible mechanics; this symbiosis is vital to my conception of hollowware. My interpretation of the Cycladic figures is both playfully anthropomorphic and evocative of nature's "engineering" through the stylized elements of womb and teats (that serve as the base). Additionally, the sacred quality of the figures is transposed into affectionate reverence for the living vessel that is the body. These works were based on Cycladic figures in the Indiana University Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art; they are included in the first series of works for which I used a direct reference to historical artworks. For my artistic practice, these works are the most challenging and rewarding in the simultaneous integration and successful resolution of key factors: the history of art, the history of craft and metalsmithing, my aesthetic concerns, utility, engineering, and my sense of humor.

3/15/2017: Fantastic opportunity for an apprentice at Colonial Williamsburg! Click here.

9/12/2016: SAS Artisan Dorothy Gordon passed away at the age of 97 on Thursday, August 25, 2016. Additional information will be made available as it comes in. If you have remembrances of Dorothy, please feel free to send them from the Artisan Memorial page located here.

4/24/2015: NEW SAS Benefit!
Potter USA is a manufacturer of steel silversmithing T-stakes, mushroom stakes, and miscellaneous forming tools for the professional silversmith. Members will receive 25% off the listed price of all the stakes on their web site. To place your order, check your membership status prior to calling them.
1934 E 18th St., Tucson, AZ 85719
520/777-6032, 520/405-8539, , Web site

3/27/2015: NEW SAS Benefit!
SC Studios provides meticulously handmade metalsmithing tools and supplies. These include chasing tools, pitch, hammers, snarling irons, and stakes, all hand made in the USA by Saign Charlestein. Visit their Web site and enter coupon code SAS at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order.
SC Studios LLC, Tacoma, WA 98406, 818/634-2304, , Web site

Don't forget to check your membership status here before ordering.


12/4/2014: A Genius Passes
It is a very sad day for the world of silversmithing. Artisan Harold Schremmer, arguably the most inventive and creative silversmith of his time, passed away at 10:12am EST at the Rhode Island Veterans Home. Jeff Herman was at his bedside. Information about Hal's life can be found here with additional commentary forthcoming.




11/19/2014: SAS Founder Elected Fellow of the IPG
Jeffrey Herman is excited and honored to announce that he was just elected into the prestigious Fellow category of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths in England. He's the only Fellow living outside England. Herman was nominated by three other Fellows of the IPG, and humbled that these Fellows felt him worthy of this honor. "This is my 30th year in business operating as a silversmith specializing in restoration, conservation, and preservation, and 25th year as the Founder of the Society of American Silversmiths (SAS). It's a wonderful feeling to be recognized for one's accomplishments."




11/10/2014: SAS Welcomes its Newest Artisan Member!
This is an example of Paula Newman Pollachek's work. It's her sterling "Floating Star" Kiddush cup. You can see more of Paula's silversmithing here.











7/13/2014: Silversmithing, A Contemporary Guide to Making
Brian Hill and Andrew Putland, Crowood Publishers, 2014
ISBN#: 9781847976154
Reviewed by: Jeffrey Herman, Founder & Executive Director
Society of American Silversmiths

What happens when two highly respected English silversmiths join to write a book on silversmithing? You end up with a beautiful reference that should reside in the library of not only every student silversmith, but every decorative arts curator, appraiser, and antique dealer.  It's interesting and sometimes disturbing when speaking with silver specialists who know how to buy and sell, but know virtually nothing about the craft they represent. Silversmithing, A Contemporary Guide to Making, will give those individuals the basic knowledge to speak intelligently with their clients as to how silver objects are made. In addition, professional silversmiths will find themselves grazing through the book for design ideas and utilizing newer techniques previously unconsidered.

Silversmithing's first chapter: History, Hallmarking, and Assay, starts out by showing you numerous silver examples from 1709 to 1938, describing techniques that were used to create the pieces; and an overview of United Kingdom hallmarking and assaying describing how silversmiths must prepare their works for stamping. Following is Materials, Tools and Equipment used in a common silversmith's workshop. Health and Safety, which no silversmith should overlook, is touched upon. Next, Manufacturing Techniques, Methods, and Processes discusses and illustrates traditional techniques such as raising, forging, soldering, and spinning. Polishing and Finishing shows the tedious process of putting that final luster you're most accustomed to seeing on silver. Surface Decoration and Decorative Treatments covers basic engraving, enameling, chasing and repoussé, and etching. Technology in a Traditional Craft brings you through the creative process of designing, casting, and finishing. Technology in a Traditional Craft introduces the reader to current technologies available to the modern day smith such as CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping, and TIG and laser welding.  Designers in Industry highlight Clive Burr, Grant Macdonald, and Richard Fox, all of whom have taken full advantage of the talent and technology available to them. Designer-Makers and The Next Generation chapters show the beautiful work of 17 designers and touches upon the techniques of their pictured objects. A short glossary brings you to the end of the book.

Though a 218-page book can only introduce you to the world of the silversmith, this one will most certainly give you an appreciation for one of the world's least understood art forms.

7/10/2014: Updated news on ivory legislation&ldots;


(Bloomberg) -- The National Rifle Association and the music industry scored a win when the House Appropriations Committee unveiled its 2015 spending bill for the Interior Department today.

The draft bill would forbid the Fish and Wildlife Service from spending money to enforce an expanded ban on ivory imports or to complete work on proposed limits on the sale of products containing ivory within the U.S.

The NRA and a music industry coalition say the new ivory regulations unfairly target owners of antique ivory-inlaid guns and musical instruments without affecting elephant poaching. A Vote on the bill is expected next week.


Alexander Introduces Amendment to Prohibit Administration’s Over-Regulation of Legal Ivory Trade Says Tennessee musicians, antique shops, and firearms sellers shouldn’t be treated “like illegal ivory smugglers”

“The Obama administration’s announced plan to limit the trade of legal ivory—such as that found in legally produced guitars, pianos, and firearms — could prohibit musicians from buying or selling instruments that contain ivory, prevent firearms and family heirlooms containing ivory from being sold, and pose a significant threat to antique businesses.” – Lamar Alexander

WASHINGTON, July 8, 2014 – U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) today introduced an amendment to the Sportsmen’s Act that would prohibit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from restricting interstate commerce of legal ivory, and products containing legal ivory. U.S. Rep. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) has introduced similar legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Alexander said: “The Obama administration’s announced plan to limit the trade of legal ivory—such as that found in legally produced guitars, pianos, and firearms — could prohibit musicians from buying or selling instruments that contain ivory, prevent firearms and family heirlooms containing ivory from being sold, and pose a significant threat to antique businesses. This amendment would prevent Washington overreach from treating Tennessee musicians, families and small businesses like illegal ivory smugglers.”

Daines said: “Many Montana families own ivory-containing firearms or musical instruments that have been passed down from generation to generation and represent an important part of their way of life or heritage. This legislation will protect law-abiding citizens who own an antique firearm, instrument, or other family heirloom that happens to contain ivory from the Director’s Order, which only punishes law-abiding Americans instead of seriously addressing the real problem of elephant poaching.”

In February, the Fish and Wildlife Service announced its plan to prohibit interstate commerce of African elephant ivory as part of President Obama’s National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trade. Restricting interstate commerce of ivory would affect whether an item containing ivory can be sold across state lines within the United States, as well as whether it can legally re-enter the United States if carried abroad during travel.

Alexander’s amendment prohibits the administration from implementing this plan and prohibits the Fish and Wildlife Service from implementing any new rule, order, or standard that wasn’t in place prior to Feb. 25, 2014.

4/24/2014: Update From the Ivory Education Institute

While the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed new rules and regulations regarding the sale and trade of ivory, the Director's Order 210 does not have the force of law. There is even some doubt whether they will be adopted in their current form or whether new legislation will be needed to support whatever controls may be imposed on the future trade and movement of ivory objects. For now then - and certainly through the end of June - we are advised that it is perfectly legal to buy, sell, trade, and ship ivory within the United States.

4/1/2014: SAS Turns 25!
April marks the 25th (silver) anniversary of the founding of the Society of American Silversmiths. I would like to thank all of you who have supported us and hope you have benefited from the information provided on this site. You'll be seeing some changes here very soon.

Should you have suggestions or comments regarding the Society's next 25 years, please feel free to contact me. And of course I'm always available to Members with answers to questions that can't be found on the site.

SAS will continue its commitment to assist those students who have a strong interest in becoming silver artisans. With the aid of the Society and its many supplier discounts, students will be better prepared to start their lives as professional silversmiths upon graduation. Jeff Herman, Founder & Executive Director


1/7/2014: A Must Have for Every Jeweler and Metalsmith!
Authored by Betty Helen Longhi and SAS Artisan Cynthia Eid, this 256 page book includes over 700 photos, and covers a huge swath, from a basic dapped disc through synclasting, anticlasting, spiculums, and raising a vessel. Thirty-five detailed exercises explain the basics, as well as advanced nuances for each technique.

For more information and to purchase your own book inscribed to you by one of the authors, go to and click on Buy. Allcraft (a SAS Member Discount Supplier) also has the book, as well as the anticlastic stakes and hammers for synclasting and anticlasting designed by the authors. 800/645-7124, ,

1/3/2014: New Tool Discounter for SAS Members!
NC Black Company
831 East Country Club Rd.
Mount Airy, NC 27030

NC Black offers hammers, stakes, and forming blocks for Micro metalsmithing, shell forming, and raising. Use discount code SAS10 for 10% off your entire order.

12/17/2013: Tom Muir on MetalSmith BenchTalk Radio!

From Jay Whaley: My Guest this Thursday, December 5 at 3 p.m. PST on MetalSmith BenchTalk is Tom Muir, Distinguished Research Professor at Bowling Green State University, where he is head of the Jewelry and Metalsmithing area in the School of Art.

More Info: Tom Muir received his MFA from Indiana University, Bloomington, and his BFA degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta. Mr. Muir has lectured and taught widely, holding positions at universities and craft schools around the country. His award-winning work has been published and exhibited extensively in art, craft and design exhibitions, in which he has received 10 best of show or first place awards.

Collections include the Art Institute of Chicago, Renwick Gallery of the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution and The White House Collection of American Crafts, National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

He is the recipient of an Arts Midwest/National Endowment for the Arts Regional Artist Fellowship, Michigan Council for the Arts Fellowship, and numerous Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship Awards. In 2009, Tom received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Ohio Designer Craftsmen for having made a major contribution to craft in Ohio.

For more information on Tom and his work, visit

Listen to the talk below...

New Art Podcasts with whaleystudios on BlogTalkRadio

10/24/2013: 40 Historical Metal Arts Books Now Available!
Over the last three decades the Ganoksin Project has acquired over 40 rare historical metal arts books that they are making available to anyone working with metal. These eBooks, which are only $5 each, cover special techniques in depth like chasing, repousse, engraving, niello making, Japanese chiseling, soldering, construction, patination and metal coloring, silversmithing, and more. There are many recipes for alloys and metal surface treatments.

These ancient metal tricks and recipes are made available to the contemporary community of curious metal artists and collectors. This information will allow the reader to apply the simple and ingenious procedures used by the craftsmen of the past, long dead masters in many segments of our field. Many of the tricks and recipes described will save the maker money, as older approaches can sometimes replace modern tools.

As with all the Ganoksin project books the text has been scanned using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which means it is searchable and useable in ways not seen in a standard pdf. Similarly, the images are separately scanned and then stitched into the text, allowing you to zoom in for very high magnification views of the detail in the images. Each pdf is a full digital book of searchable text and images, with an easy access through an interactive table of contents.

Ganoksin invites you to own the entire collection of manuscripts, and benefit from the ancient wisdom they are presenting, while supporting the Ganoksin Project. Find the list of available eBooks here.

The Ganoksin Project is a great organization and well worth joining, especially since there's no subscription fee!

5/30/2013: Metals Department Fundraiser for Bill Frederick's Tools
Friday, June 21st, 2013, 7-10pm

Lillstreet's Jewelry and Metalsmithing Department received a generous donation of tools from the estate of William (Bill) Frederick.  An amazing and talented silversmith, Bill was nationally known for his work, which he produced in his north side Chicago studio for over 50 years.  Many of Bill's tools are truly pieces of Chicago silversmithing history, with numerous items acquired over the years from various historic metalsmithing shops.  Among these acquisitions were the tools and archives from the renowned Kalo Shop.  While a selection of Bill's tools was left to the Chicago History Museum, Lillstreet was honored to receive his remaining tools and equipment.

More information about Bill Frederick, his career and his tools can be found through the following links:

In an effort to continue the long history of handmade metal work, these tools will be used to educate future generations of artists for years to come.  To properly house these items, Lillstreet's Jewelry and Metalsmithing Department has designed custom cabinetry and a remodeled hammering space within the existing first floor classrooms.  While the plans have been drafted, we need to raise funds to see this project realized.  Our goal with this fundraiser is to raise enough money to build, store and maintain this amazing legacy of Bill Frederick's without it becoming a financial burden that would have to be passed on to the students.

Lillstreet is planning a fun evening of events with a Metals Department fundraiser at our new Lillstreet Loft, just down the block from the Art Center.  Join us for a silent auction, raffle, live and interactive demos, light refreshments and much more. 

Thank you for your consideration in donating to this cause.  


Pam Robinson, Director of Educational Programming, Jewelry/Metals & Glass

Founded in 1975, Lillstreet Art Center is a large community of artists and students working side-by-side in a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth in the individual. Lillstreet Art Center supports the arts through an artist residency program, gallery, studio space, education, team building and corporate events, and an outreach program.  We offer adult classes and workshops for all skill levels in seven different departments: ceramics, metalsmithing & jewelry, painting & drawing, printmaking, textiles, glass, and digital arts & photography. Additionally, our Kidstreet program has classes, camps, and family workshops for children age 2 and up.


3/6/2013: The Passing of a Genius

Courtesy Cleveland Plain Dealer

John Paul Miller – one of the world's finest goldsmiths – died last week at 94. I spoke with John just two weeks ago, gushing over his work as I had many times before. What an amazing designer-craftsman he was, practicing his passion till the end of his rich life. This is a huge loss for the art world. Obituary from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Numerous images of John's work can be seen here.

Jeffrey Herman, Founder & Executive Director

1/27/2013: Wintertime & Respirators
For those of us who wear half-face or full-face respirators and change our filters regularly - great! When you change those filters, are you cleaning the masks as well? If not, make that part of your respirator maintenance program, especially during the winter months. Since most of us will get a cold during this time, those germs will infiltrate our masks (and filters). We will continue recirculating our cold if not diligent in our cleaning regiment. After I dissemble my mask, I use Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap and hot water to remove any nastiness that has accumulated, plus it smells wonderful.

Something to think about, 

Jeffrey Herman, Founder & Executive Director

12/2/2012: Just Released!
From the publisher (D. Giles Limited): Stories in Sterling is the first comprehensive survey of the New-York Historical Society’s superb collection of early American silver, one of the finest in the United States.

It features the full range of silver works, from masterpieces like the 1772 salver by New York City silversmith Lewis Fueter, to the simpler, but no less significant teapot made for the Schuyler family by the Albany silversmith Kiliaen Van Rensselaer in 1695 – one of the earliest teapots made in New York.

Seven chapters consider silver from a range of perspectives: its reflection of the multiethnic character of colonial New York; the impact of industrialization on its manufacture and consumption; its role in honoring public achievement or marking rites of passage; and, finally, its ability to express its owners’ social standing. With a wealth of related objects and original documents, Stories in Sterling is a vital reference tool for for scholars, collectors and enthusiasts of American silver and culture. It features extensive and superbly illustrated entries with full dimensions, makers’ marks and weights in troy ounces, and an appendix and checklist.

Jeff Herman: The 265 color and 175 b&w images are beautiful. The authors are Margaret K. Hofer, curator of Decorative Arts at the New-York Historical Society;  Debra Schmidt Bach, associate curator at the New-York Historical; Kenneth Ames, professor of American Decorative Arts and Material Culture of the 18th and 19th-centuries at the Bard Graduate Center, New York; and David Barquist, curator of American Decorative Arts at Philadelphia Museum of Art, and a scholar on colonial New York silver. This quartet did an absolutely outstanding job compiling this must-have resource. And, with the input from silversmith Ubaldo Vitali, you'll even get a taste of how some of the objects were constructed. Contributions from silversmiths are extremely rare in any silver reference. It will be one of your favorite books on antique silver!

Available through your local bookstore or online bookseller.

11/3/2012: New Member Benefit!
Silver Magazine is offering a 10% discount on their bi-monthly publication. The following rates are 10% off their normal rates: $36 (1 year), $63 (2 years), and $90 (3 years); Canadian rates: $45 (1 year), $81 (2 years), and $117 (3 years); International rates: $49.50 (1 year), $90 (2 years), and $130.50 (3 years). Higher rates include the foreign postage necessary.

The Magazine is published 6 times per year. To see some of the articles and advertisers in the magazine, please visit their website. To order, you may: 1) go to their website; 2) use PayPal and pay to their e-mail address ( being sure to mention the length of subscription and your mailing address; or 3) mail your payment - please remit your check to Silver Magazine, PO Box 2284, Palm Beach, FL  33480, 561/655-7693,

10/4/2012: Argentium Guild Newsletters
The Argentium Guild was set up in January 2011 to unite a worldwide community of Argentium silversmiths and artisans. It provides a place for Argentium enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experiences and to foster excellence through good practice and inspiration. They welcome the Society to the Argentium Guild Newsletter, which is distributed bi-monthly, keeping you up-to-date with all things Argentium.


Argentium Silver Guild Homepage

7/26/2012: New SAS Discounter!
Sep Tools is offering a 5% discount on all PUK-related products including Lampert's new PUK04 pulse arc welder (see Jeff Herman's review here). To take advantage of the discount, SAS members should contact Gabby Sepiashvili, Sep Jewelry Tools of Chicago, 5 South Wabash Ave, #514, Chicago, IL 60603 312/541-4554, Fax: 312/541-1944, Web site

6/7/2012: SAS Discounter Safety Source Northeast Moves
New address: 22 Dewey Ave., Unit 6, Warwick, RI 02886
800/354-6113, 401/736-8774, , Web site

10-15% off all safety equipment including ear plugs, muffs, safety glasses, goggles, first aid kits, rubber gloves, cotton polishing gloves, respirators, aprons, etc.

5/11/2012: SAS Artisan Bill Frederick Dies
Please take a moment and remember our friend in this time of great loss. William N. Frederick was 90 years old. He was silversmithing right up until a few months before passing.

An obituary will soon appear on the Artisan Memorial page. If you have remembrances, please e-mail them to

5/10/2012: Major update on the PUK review page.

5/2/2012: Confused about all the tarnish-resistant silver alloys on the market? This chart will help you decide which alloy is best for your application. Credit: This chart originally appeared in the MJSA Journal. For more information, go to

4/30/2012: The New Mexico Metalsmiths Guild ( dedicated to promoting education in and appreciation of fine metalsmithing, blacksmithing, jewelry design and fabrication, and related arts, is excited to announce its inaugural national metalsmithing competition.  In line with 2012 being the centennial celebration of New Mexico's statehood the theme of this year's competition is the New Mexico's state tie: the Bolo.

The competition is open to both professional and student metalsmiths across the country. Entrants will be divided into two divisions-professional and student.  After entries are received 20 finalists (10 each professional and student) will be asked to submit their work for final judging and a show at the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, Santa Fe, NM. Rio Grande has donated gift certificates for winning submissions. All finalists will also receive a one year member ship in the New Mexico Metalsmiths Guild.

Application deadlines are August 31, 2012 for the professional division and September 15, 2012, for the student division. Complete information on the competition and application information is available at

Questions regarding the guild can be sent to its president, Jim Cohen at

4/18/2012: SAS Artisan Munya Upin and partner Kirsten Ball are opening an exciting new gallery in Belmont, Massachusetts: Alchemy 925.

4/10/2012: Christensen Archives Now at Yale
The family of famed silversmith and educator Hans Christensen has donated his archives to the Yale University Art Gallery. Keno Auctions sold silver, jewelry, and sculpture from his widow's estate last spring. Leigh Keno suggested the Art Gallery as an appropriate place for the archives. The Gallery, housing one of America's largest and most impressive silver collections, was delighted to accept the archives. The materials consist of seven three ring binders with slides, photographs, articles and clippings.

For more information on Christen, go here.

4/7/2012: The Silver Enthusiast Newsletter #3
Jeff Herman's latest newsletter was just e-mailed. If you're a silver lover, then you'll enjoy reading this free newsletter on the care of silver, silversmithing techniques, upcoming exhibitions, silver history, before & after images of objects I've restored, and other silver-related topics. And don't worry, you won't be deluged with daily e-mails and you can opt-out at any time. Sign-up here.

3/5/2012: Firescale-Resistiant Sterling Alloys Tested
This PDF contains the results on firescale-resistant alloys from a 2006 test carried out at the independent CATRA testing facility in Great Britain. It seems to me, from these results, that reducing germanium may not reduce firescale significantly. However, because of the addition of zinc, there may be a change in the color of the firescale that may not be so easily noticed. Jeff Herman, Founder

2/20/2012: Online Auction Services for Metalsmiths
Are you a jeweler looking to liquidate your workshop due to a debilitating illness? Perhaps you're the widow of a silversmith who needs help selling big, heavy tools, but doesn't want to deal with people coming to your home and disturbing your privacy. Gold Machinery, one of the largest new and used machinery dealers in the world catering to the jewelry and silver industries, is offering its services to do all the work for you, even the crating and shipping of items that have sold. They have an enormous database of individuals and companies from around the globe who will bid on your tools. All they'll need are clear, high-definition images to upload to their auction site.

For more information, contact:

David Gold
Gold International Machinery Corp.
136 Newell Ave.
Pawtucket, RI 02860
401-724-3200, 800/619-GOLD, Fax: 401/728-5770
, Web site

2/7/2012: SAS Members: NEW Supplier Discounts!
Cool Tools, 162 W. Main St. Suite M, Whitewater, WI 53190, 888/478-5060, Web site

10% off over 700 exclusive Cool Tools products including our world famous Patina Gel stabilized liver of sulfur. We specialize in design and productivity products for the metal clay and jewelry making industry. Our product lines include Jewelry Shape Templates for sophisticated frames, bails, ring shanks, ring tops, settings and lapidary. We manufacture hundreds of antique molds of high temperature pure silicone for wax and low melt alloys. When you checkout, you must provide the coupon code: SAS10.

1/10/2012: SAS Members: NEW Supplier Discounts!
Titan Tool Supply, Inc., 68 Comet Ave., Buffalo, NY 14216, 716/873-9907, Fax: 716-873/9998, , Web site

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. was established in 1952, and has been serving the inspection and micro finishing needs of industry. Their lines include optical inspection, stereo microscopes, measuring microscopes, industrial endoscopes, and videoscopes. Titan also carries a large selection of diamond and CBN (borazon) micro finishing tools, Swiss needle files, diamond needle files, diamond miniature files, diamond riffle files, polishing stones, and hand deburring tools. They are offering a 10% discount on all purchases.

11/5/2011: What Flannel  Protects Silver Better?
Independent testing is very important when deciding on the purchase of a product. The same is true when choosing protective flannel for your silver. Pacific Silvercloth and Kenized flannel have both been through an accelerated tarnish test and will give silver lovers piece of mind should they purchase the less-expensive Kenized cloth. Go to the Resources section of the Silver Care page to purchase either flannel.


10/30/2011: Updated Review of the PUK 3s Professional
Jeff Herman just updated his review on the PUK Professional which now includes the Professional Plus.

10/28/2011: Metalwerx Offers First Annual Metalwerx Scholarship Award!
Metalwerx is a non-profit school and community studio for jewelry making and metal arts located in Waltham, Massachusetts.  This scholarship is intended to make a Metalwerx class or workshop available to a committed and worthy student, jeweler or metalsmith, who, due to financial circumstances, would not otherwise be able to attend.  Up to $500 will be awarded towards a winter 2012 Metalwerx course. The award can be used towards both tuition and materials kit.

Applicants are asked to describe:

• Why they want to take a specific class or workshop
• How they intend to use the experience to further their artistic goals
• Why they would make a good candidate for a scholarship
• Why the cost would be a hardship for them

The winner will be announced by December 15th. 

This scholarship is made possible by PowerPlay Accounting Solutions, Inc.

Scholarship Criteria:

• Applicants must be 16 years or older.
• Applicants are not required to have prior metalsmithing experience but should apply to a course that is appropriate for their skill level.
• Applicants must complete an online submission (requirements detailed under Application Checklist)

Deadline to Apply: November 21, 2011

Jurors: Munya Avigail Upin, Cynthia Eid, Lindsay Minihan

* Scholarship has no cash value. It can only be applied towards the workshop or class that the applicant chooses on their submission.

Application Checklist 

Application Form
• 5-10 Images of relevant work made within past 5 years (part of application form)
• $10 Processing Fee

10/27/2011: October 2011 Edition of "Silver News"
The Silver Institute is pleased to announce that the October 2011 edition of "Silver News" is now available online.

10/9/2011: Free Artist Talk by Cynthia Eid
7:00 - 8:00 pm, October 14th, 2011
MICA Jewelry Center, 3600 Clipper Mill Road, Baltimore, MD
For info, or to sign up: MICA Continuing Studies Office, 410/225-2219

Workshop: Argentium Silver: Fusing, Granulation and Soldering
10/15 & 16/2011 (Saturday & Sunday) from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Discover how to use this innovative new metal for your work with the guidance of renowned Argentium Silver specialist, Cynthia Eid. Argentium Sterling is an alloy that is at least 92.5% pure silver. This material does not firescale, is highly tarnish resistant, is more malleable and ductile than traditional sterling, fuses and welds more easily than traditional sterling, and can be hardened using a kitchen oven or kiln. During this course you will learn a variety of techniques including annealing, soldering, fusing, granulating, and hardening Argentium Sterling Silver sheet and wire. Following demonstrations, you will have time to make your own technical samples and/or finished work. This class is appropriate for students with basic metalsmithing skills as well as professionals. Cynthia Eid is an internationally recognized metalsmith who has been working with Argentium Silver alloys since the year 2000. She is the author of a technical guide to Argentium Sterling used by Rio Grande. Cynthia has won awards for creativity and design, exhibited and taught internationally, and her work is published extensively. Her articles about Argentium Silver have been published by the Society of North American Goldsmiths,  in SNAG News, and in Art Jewelry Magazine. Cynthia Eid is one of only two instructors recommended by Argentium International and the Argentium Guild.

9/26/2011: SAS Members: NEW Discounted Web Site Design Service!
Eliza Alys Young of Design Intense has been chosen as the official SAS Web site deign company because of her great design sense (she has a dual BFA from Maine College of Art in Graphic Design and Photography), her core belief that sites must load quickly and include easy navigation, and her technical knowledge. Eliza also teaches Web design. One of her greatest assets is her communication skills. Eliza is excellent at understanding the needs of the client and implementing a plan to develop an effective Web presence. Below you'll find her discounted packages:

OPTION 1: Single Page
(example: without page navigation)
Includes: Logo/Header with name; slideshow, contact information, credentials on one page.

Regular Price

SAS Member Price

OPTION 2: Small Site (up to 5 pages)
Includes: Option 1 plus site in WordPress, a CMS (Content Management System) which allows for the client to update the design (manual provided), Gallery and up to 5 pages of content with pictures.

Regular Price

SAS Member Price

OPTION 3: Medium Site (up to 10 pages)
(example: plus a gallery)
Includes: Option 2 plus up to 10 pages of content with pictures, a contact form and up to 2 hours of training on updating WordPress

Regular Price

SAS Member Price

– All plans include exploration in design options, layout, file preparation for web
– Not included: Costs of hosting, domain's photography or other graphics necessary for the designs.
– Timetable: 2-4 week on average

Not happy with your current site? Eliza will redesign it for you.

For examples of Eliza's work, please visit her Web site.

Eliza Alys Young, aka. CreativEliza
DESIGN Intense
Tel: 904/417-8853
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Fax: 208/275-0732

9/23/2011: Silversmith Ubaldo Vitali Wins Prestigious MacArthur Grant
Ubaldo Vitali is a fourth-generation silversmith, conservator, and scholar who draws upon a deep knowledge of past and modern metalworking techniques to restore historical masterworks in silver and to create...

Joe Schram/The Wall Street Journal

SAS welcomes it's newest juried Artisan Member: Paul Griswold from Costa Mesa, CA.

9/20/2011: The Silver Enthusiast Newsletter
If you haven't subscribed to Jeff Herman's The Silver Enthusiast, now's your chance to start receiving free helpful information on silver care, silver history, upcoming silver exhibitions, before & after images of objects Herman has restored, and other silver-related topics. And don't worry, you won't be deluged with daily e-mails and you can opt-out at any time. Sign-up here.

9/13/2011: Product Review Update
The Miniflam EZ-PBT article has been updated with new information.

9/1/2011: CNC Maching Shop & Jewelry Manufacturer Auction
Online auction for New Jersey manufacturer. Bidding STOPS September 7th!

8/30/2011: Tom Muir Wins Best of Show
Toledo Area Artists’ Exhibition  awarded Tom Muir Best of Show for his Twin Riser Teapot. Read more here.

8/17/2011: Award Presented to SAS Artisan
Valentin Yotkov Receives FSG National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame Award 2011. Read more here.

8/14/2011: Artisan Member John T. Fix Dies
A memorial for John Fix, who died on July 21, will be held on August 27th at 10 am at the Broadmead,13801 York Rd., Cockeysville, MD 21030, just North of Shawan Rd. in the main auditorium. John became an Artisan member in 1992. Our deepest regrets go out to his family.

8/8/2011: Antiques Continue Their March to the Refiner as Silver Prices Remain High!
Experts are watching thousands of valuable heirlooms be melted down as financial-market turmoil boosts investors’ demand for precious metals.  Read on...

4/28/2011: Great Source for Ivory and Updated Techniques
David Warther of Dover, Ohio, long known to SAS members as a source for legal ivory for insulators, now has a few new things of interest for us. He has a new Web site at,where you can find generic insulators in that they are round and offered in three sizes with the intent they can be fitted and made oval by the silversmith installing them. The site also offers rods of ivory and horn from which insulators can be carved. David continues to be a valuable resource for legal ivory to Americans. By law, pre-ban ivory cannot sell or ship internationally so horn or other materials need to be used when restoring a project intended for international travel or destination.

Don't forget to check out David's informative and recently updated "Working with Pre-Ban Ivory."

4/10/2011: Comparison of Three Welding Systems
Have you considered purchasing a welding system for precious metal? Here's a review of a PUK 2 developed by Lampert Tools; the Mini Pulse III from Aelectronic Bonding  (ABI); and a laser welder from Rofin. See the review here.

3/29/2011: The Future of Precious Metals
Dennis Wheeler, CEO of precious metals company Coeur D'Alene Mines, talks about the increase in demand. You will find this interesting

3/28/2011: New Report Projects Bullish Silver Industrial Demand Outlook Through 2015
(Washington, D.C. – March 28, 2011) A report released today by the Silver Institute forecasts a healthy outlook for global silver industrial demand, the largest component of annual silver fabrication demand. The report states that industrial uses of silver should rise sharply over the next five years to 666 million troy ounces (Moz) by 2015, representing 60 percent of total fabrication demand that year – a 36 percent increase over 2010’s figure of 487 Moz.

Read more here where you'll be able to download the entire PDF report.

3/13/2011: Why is the Price of Silver So High?
by Robert Lenzner, StreetTalk,

You can't keep precious metals down when the globe is agog over violent political change, the freezing of dictators' assets in the US and Switzerland- and deep anxiety over the price of oil.

Gold and silver, led by crude oil, will spike if talks between the US and UK for joint military action in Libya take root. This threat to the Libyan oil fields and to peace in the region would have an immediate impact in commodity markets.

Remember 1980 with our hostages in Iran; gold rose to $800 an ounce (there was double-digit inflation- at least 5 times the rate today) and silver to $50 (the Hunts idiotically tried to corner the market)

We are not that far from the peak in gold- $1440 an ounce. Just another $10 an ounce spike is half the $20 an ounce we made up today so far. We are at a 30 year peak for silver, which has been acting even more positively than gold.

I don't think this is the Bernanke market, as he made it clear today that inflation is just the 2% he wants, and that's despite the horrific run-up in food prices. And he's beaten off deflation with QE2. No knee-jerk connection between Bernanke and precious metals.

The connection for gold and silver is geo-political. My new rule of thumb for gold and silver; the more uprisings that lead to oil supply fears the more speculation will hive onto gold and silver. Or put it another way, as go oil fears, so goes money into gold and silver.

So, battles on the Tunisian- Libyan border, calls for public demonstrations in Teheran, unrest in Bahrain, Algeria that suggests the daisy chain moves ultimately to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and who-knows-where-else all add up to uncertainty about oil prices.

And uncertainty about oil prices- especially if they trend higher- suggest to me somewhat higher gold and oil prices.

2/20/2011: SAS Artisan Alfred Ward Wins Winthrop University Medal of Honor in the Arts
Read all about the award here.

11/24/2010: NEW – SAS Classifieds
We now have a post-it-yourself classifieds page! Do you have metal, tools, equipment, or books on the metal arts you're looking to sell. Why not list them here at no charge?

11/12/2010: Silver Exhibits, Events & Silversmithing-Related Workshops World-Wide
Did you heard about or will be hosting a museum exhibition that other silver lovers would be interested in? Perhaps you will be giving a talk on Gorham silver at a university club. Or maybe you have been invited to give a raising workshop at a craft center. SAS now has a simple way to post and see what's coming up: it's the Silver Exhibits, Events & Silversmithing-Related Workshops World-Wide Calendar. You need not be a member of SAS to post.

10/3/2010: Peter Erickson Appearing on Boston TV
SAS Artisan Peter Erickson will appear on the TV show Chronicle, Thursday, Oct. 7. They have produced a show called "Made in Massachusetts" in which he will be one of about a half-dozen businesses or people they are featuring in 2-3 minute segments. Shayna Seymour from Chronicle, and her cameraman, spent about 2 1/2 hours at Peter's workshop in August. Peter states: "I don't know what the final piece looks like, but it was a lot of fun." The show is on WCVB Channel 5 in Boston starting at 7:30pm." If you miss the segment, you may find it here:

9/9/2010: Fusing, Soldering, and Keum Boo with Argentium Silver
Instructor: SAS Artisan Cynthia Eid
September 24-26, 2010 –10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Waltham, MA

Become comfortable annealing, soldering, fusing, and hardening Argentium Sterling Silver sheet and wire. Argentium Sterling has superb fusing qualities, so demos will include fusing granules to sheet, sheet to sheet, wire to wire, and gold to Argentium Sterling. Argentium Sterling is wonderful for Keum Boo, since the surface does not need to be heated and pickled as extensively as traditional sterling prior to application of the gold foil.

Following demonstrations, participants will have time to make their own samples and/or finished jewelry projects during the class. Students with basic jewelry and metalsmithing skills, as well as professionals, are welcome.

About Argentium Sterling Silver: This exciting metal is a sterling alloy that is at least 92.5% pure silver. It does not firescale, is highly tarnish resistant, is more malleable and ductile than traditional sterling, fuses and welds more easily than traditional sterling, and can be hardened using a kitchen oven.

About Keum Boo (also spelled Kum-Boo): Keum-boo is an ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of gold to silver. Traditionally, this technique is accomplished by first depleting the surface of sterling silver to bring up a thin layer of fine silver. Then 24 carat gold foil is applied with heat (hot plate, torch, or UltraLite kiln) and pressure (burnishing).

Cynthia Eid, an internationally recognized metalsmith (, has been working with this alloy since the year 2000, and is the author of the technical guide to Argentium Sterling used by Rio Grande, as well as articles published by the Society of North American Goldsmiths in SNAG News and Art Jewelry magazine.  

8/31/2010: 2011 NICHE Awards Competition
Deadlines: September 17, & September 30, 2010

NICHE magazine is accepting applications for the 2011 NICHE Awards Competition. The NICHE Awards annually celebrate excellence and innovation in American and Canadian craft. Categories include Ceramics, Fiber, Glass, Metal, Wood, Jewelry and more. There are new categories this year including: basketry, outdoor art, wedding jewelry, paper, and religious/inspirational art. Finalists are invited to display their work in the NICHE Awards exhibit at the winter Buyers Market of American Craft, February 18-21, 2011, in Philadelphia. Winners are announced at a special ceremony held during the winter 2011 Buyers Market and featured in the Spring 2011 issue of NICHE. Judging of entries is based on three main criteria: technical excellence, both in surface design and form, a distinct quality of unique, original and creative thought and market viability (professional entries only). The entry deadline for the professional division is September 17, 2010.  The deadline for student entries is September 30, 2010. The entry fee is $40 for professionals and $18 for students.

Apply online at 

2011 NICHE Awards (Professional division)

2011 NICHE Awards (Student division)

For more information e-mail Erin Hartz: or call at 410-889-2933, ext. 206

8/24/2010: Gorham Match Safes Just Released
Neil Shapiro & George Sparacio, International Match Safe, 2009, ISBN #: 978-0-9822333-1-3

Jeff Herman's Review: Gorham Manufacturing in Providence, Rhode Island, was one of those rare companies that maintained a continuous archive of what they made and the processes used. In fact, Gorham is known to have the most complete archive of any company in the United States. This has enabled scholars to thoroughly research a given subject and produce an accurate accounting of Gorham's production.

One of those subjects has just been published: Gorham Match Safes, authored by match safe enthusiasts and collectors Neil Shapiro and George Sparacio, founder of the International Match Safe Association. Illustrated are over 1,300 match safes produced from 1885 through 1923. They were found on product cards in the Gorham archives at Brown University and private collections and museums. The book shows the incredible depth of creativity in Gorham's design department, with no other company in the world coming close to their output. So prolific was Gorham that in 1898 the company produced an astounding 175 designs!

All color and black and white images are arranged by design number. The book details when the individual safes came to market, the materials used, such as sterling, gold, mixed metals, iron, and precious stones, plus techniques and processes. There is a section on the service records for many of the creative individuals including designers, silversmiths, engravers, and chasers. The final two pages are devoted to reproductions of actual cost cards found at the Gorham archives. For a silversmith like me, this is perhaps the most interesting area, for every process used in a particular match safe is accounted for. From the amount of silver used, cost of engraving, chasing, and various types of finishing, to the total cost of the completed piece, these cards offer an amazing report detailing the creation these little gems.

A CD with searchable database utilizing Microsoft Access is available offering larger images, larger glossary of terms, and the ability to sort the match safes by production number, motif, and material. It also displays information gleaned from the production cards, showing you the cost of materials and every operation.

This is truly a fascinating and scholarly work which will make a great addition to any library.

If you would like to purchase the book or CD, please contact Neil Shapiro at

7/14/2010: Saw Blade Sizes
Ever get confused over saw blade sizes? This chart should clear things up.

6/22/2010: New SAS Benefit – Kinley Covers
339/499-4510, Web site
Receive 5% off Kenized SilverShield flannel flatware and holloware bags, silver storage rolls, and yardage from this Web-based business. On the shopping cart page where it says "Discount Codes," enter SAS5 in the box, then click "Apply Coupon" for your discount.

6/22/2010: The Silversmiths of Old Newbury Crafters
See a video on one of the few remaining companies left in the world producing handwrought flatware. It's on the Boston Globe site. Click here.

6/16/2010: Silver: An Element of Good Health
If you’re a silver lover, here’s something else you’ll appreciate about this lustrous metal: it can kill or suppress the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and fungus. Silver ions have a toxic effect on these organisms without harm to humans. Its germicidal properties have been well documented through its use in wound dressings to stop infection and promote healing. These properties have the same effect in silver objects. Stainless steel doesn’t offer these benefits nor does it retain its value. Why not buy something that has been staving off illnesses naturally for centuries? Consider drinking from a silver goblet or eating from flatware an elegant way to stay healthier. And when it's time to pass down your silver to the next generation, you can extol silver's health benefits as well.

You may know of the dismal job the silver industry has done over the last half century regarding the promotion of silver for the home. Mass-produced flatware and holloware are becoming less popular every day, and it's silver for the masses that will prompt the purchasing of one-of-a-kind silver from you. The cottage industry (the independent silversmith) has picked up where the large companies have faltered and in some cases closed forever. This is happening around the world.

With the decline of the industry, it's up to silversmiths and antique dealers to come up with creative ways to keep collectors using their silver and to pass it down to the next generation. One of these ways is to market silver's antimicrobial properties. This widely known but rarely promoted aspect is something the silver companies never marketed.

Print a poster to use on your display case or wall, enlightening your customers as to the health benefits of owning silver, not to mention its intrinsic value.

Spread the word! If you're a silversmith or silver dealer selling your work from your shop or at shows, print this poster: 8x10, 8.5x11. Jeff Herman

6/5/2010: SAS Forum Replaced With Our Yahoo Newsgroup
Now that we have a Facebook page, our Yahoo Newsgroup has replaced the old Forum. If you're unsure as to your membership status before posting, please click here. Not a member? Check out our great benefits package. Go to the Forum.

6/2/2010: New SAS Benefit – Lloyds of Lancaster County
Receive a 5% discount on labor for custom flatware storage inserts and silver chest relining. Discount is limited to $100 per customer. Lloyds of Lancaster County, 405 Maxwell Dr., Quarryville, PA 17566, 717/786-4254, Fax: 717/786-8636, , Web site

5/20/2010: SAS Artisan Heikki Seppä Dies
Seppä died May 18th at the age of 83. Funeral arrangements are pending through Cook Family Funeral Home. Heikki will be remembered on the Artisan Memorial page where you can send remembrances.

5/15/2010: Buyers of Chinese "Sterling" Beware!
Fake Chinese sterling jewelry and holloware is a growing problem on eBay and rapidly spreading throughout the world. Marketed as sterling or 925, this merchandise is actually PLATED BASE METAL, as illustrated by its unusually low pricing and free shipping. Selling these fraudulent pieces will cancer the market and, very possibly, turn the general public off to legitimate sterling entirely. Read more about it here. Jeff Herman

5/11/2010: SAS Now on Facebook!
Our Facebook page was just launched and is reserved for current members of SAS. If you're unsure of your membership status you may want to visit the Membership List page here before posting to Facebook. Enjoy yourself!

4/29/2010: New ShopTalk Article: Knife Sharpening
Learn from a master bladesmith on how to properly sharpen knives.

4/14/2010: Problems With Stern-Leach Sterling?
Are you having problems forming sterling sheet ? Is the sheet stock you ordered wavy or dented? Are you getting stress cracking from spinning? You now have a contact if the material came from Stern-Leach. He's Senior Processing Engineer Tony Staniorski, and he's the Society's go-to guy for problem-solving. If you're not happy with the material you ordered, Stern will exchange it for new stock.

Tony Staniorski, Sr. Processing Engineer
49 Pearl St.
Attleboro, MA 02703
508/222-7400, Ext. 1240
Fax: 508/669-4030

4/11/2010: New Artisan Jury Chosen
Tom Muir and Munya Avigail Upin have been nominated to join SAS executive director Jeff Herman in jurying new Artisan candidates. If you're a silversmith who would like to apply, go to the Artisan criteria page, and good luck!

4/2/2010: Product Review: Miniflam EZ-PBT
Jeff Herman reviews this safe, lightweight, very hot torch.

3/27/2010: New ShopTalk Article: Rolling Sheet
Having problems rolling sheet? Stuller has answers to your problems.

3/24/2010: New ShopTalk Article: Wire Drawing
Having problems drawing wire? Stuller offers practical tips for a smoother outcome.

3/12/2010: Updated Benefits QuickGuide
Members can print out the updated guide here.

3/10/2010: New Feature: Tools of the Trade
Step into the workshops of SAS Artisan members to see their tools and how they're organized.

3/10/2010: New Member Benefit!
R.O. Jette Plating
38 Vine St., Franklin, MA 02038
15% off gold and silver plating, finishing, antiquing & lacquering. Another benefit: Roger plates the old fashioned way - without nickel! Members are asked to pay for return shipping should a job estimate not be approved.

2/19/2010: Aches & Pains at the Bench
For the average man and woman out there, posture may not need to be a major concern.  But for the Metalworker who is diligently working away at their art and or craft, posture can and should be a real priority.  Long hours of bending over an anvil or sitting can take their toll. Find out how to relieve those aches and pains here.

2/17/2010: New Member Benefit - A Service We Can All Use!
Stephen S. Morgenstein, DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), is available to answer your questions regarding muscle and joint pain. As an SAS member, there is no fee for this service. Jeff Herman, Executive Director of SAS says: "Dr. Morgenstein was recommended to me after seeing three other physical therapy services that never resolved my problems. I have seen him to treat neck, shoulder, and lower back pain due to my career as a silversmith. He even straightened my back due to looking over objects I was working on. Dr. Morgenstein not only resolved these issues in a short period of time, he also gave me routine exercises to perform to keep me out of his office."

Dr. Morgenstein has been a physical therapist since 1973 and is the co-owner of Midland Physical Therapy Group. He has an advanced clinical doctorate in orthopedic manual physical therapy and specializes in the treatment of individuals with muscle and joint injuries. If you're a SAS member and have these problems, don't suffer any longer! Contact Dr. Morgenstein at:

Midland Physical Therapy Group
1500 Oaklawn Ave.
Cranston, RI, 02920

2/12/2010: Providence File Company Sells Business
Providence File was a long-time discounter to SAS members. A search is underway to find a another supplier of files.

2/11/2010: Metalsmiths Emergency Assistance

Do you know a silversmith or jeweler whose workshop has been destroyed by fire?  Do you have a friend who recently lost their business due to a flood, hurricane, or financial problems? The Society of American Silversmiths is here to help them get back on their feet through our discounts and toll-free number when calling for assistance and advice from SAS Executive Director Jeffrey Herman. SAS will also donate a two-year membership to those who have been through a life-altering disaster. The individual must live in North America. More information and resources:

Robyn Nichols' Discounts
Artisan Robyn Nichols recently moved to Mexico and is no longer offering member discounts on her work. Good luck, Robyn!

2/9/2010: Add Some Spice to Your Silver!
Accent Gold for Silver™ (AGS) is an economical means for adding gold to silver articles without the need for soldering and electroplating. Find out more about it here.

1/25/2010: Updated Working With Ivory Article
David Warther is an expert ivory carver. See his updated technical article here.

1/19/2010: Artisan Member Videos
A new page with videos of Artisans Cynthia Eid and John Marshall can be found here. New video links will be added when made available.

12/11/2009: Bernie Bernstein's "Sanctification and the Art of Silversmithing"
I recently received from Artisan member Bernie Bernstein, a copy of a 38-page catalog he wrote in connection with an exhibition he curated at the Judaica Museum in Riverdale, NY.

The title is Sanctification and the Art of Silversmithing--Processes and Techniques: a Handbook for Museums.

The exhibition was designed to inform visitors about the basic techniques of silversmithing, such as making holloware, forging, casting, chasing, filigree, etc. Silver ritual objects in the Museum's collection were used as examples. Associated tools were also displayed.

The catalog content includes text, photographs and drawings that cover, more completely, the content of the original exhibition and Bernie informs me that it has been used by other museums as an aid in training docents and staff members. One metalsmithing teacher distributes it to his students and workshop attendees. We also see it as something you can give to your clients to educate them about what you do.

To order the catalog contact:
Susan Chevlowe, Director
The Derfner Judaica Museum of the Hebrew Home
5961 Palisade Ave.
Riverdale, NY 10471

Jeff Herman, Executive Director of SAS

11/17/2009: Sweeps For CERF
Rio Grande, a national jewelry supplier, has created "Sweeps for CERF," a program through which it will accept sweeps from silversmiths and jewelers by mail. Refine the tiny bits of metal, and donate the full value of the recovered metal directly to CERF (Craft Emergency Relief Fund). Just collect your sweeps (and nothing else) in a plastic bag, seal the bag and place it into a box. Send your package to: Rio Grande, Attn: Sweeps for CERF, 7500 Bluewater Rd., Albuquerque, NM 87121 . For more information about the program go to the "Sweeps for CERF" Web site at

Craft Emergency Relief Fund
PO Box 838
Montpelier, VT 05601-0838

11/9/2009: Dangerous & Destructive Chemical Dips
As a silver restoration and conservation specialist, I have many years of knowledge about chemical dips. I routinely receive objects for refinishing due to damage from these horribly destructive products.

Chemical dips, such as Tarn-X, work by dissolving the tarnish on an object at an accelerated rate. Dips are used by silver restorers when heavy black tarnish cannot be removed with liquid or paste polishes. Chemical dips are wiped over the object with a cellulose sponge or cotton ball, as submerging the piece for long periods will remove factory-applied patinas and cause pitting of the object's surface. These surface defects will act like a sponge and more readily absorb tarnish-producing gases and moisture. The object may then require professional polishing to restore the original finish.

Chemical dips are made up of an acid and a complexing agent. Acids are corrosive and will damage niello, bronze, stainless steel knife blades, and organic materials such as wood and ivory. The ingredients can also be harmful to the user, which is why silver restorers wear nitrile gloves and work in a well ventilated area. Chemical dips should never be used on objects that have sealed components, such as candlesticks and trophies with hollow feet, or teapots with hollow handles. Once the dip leaks into the cavity through small holes or imperfections in the joints, it becomes virtually impossible to wash the chemical out. If you're working on a baby cup with this type of rim, do you really want an infant drinking from it after using Tarn-X?

The following is from their own MSDS:

"Potential Health Effects...

Routes of Exposure: Eyes, Skin, Inhalation and Ingestion.

Target Organs: Blood, liver, bone marrow, thyroid, reproductive system. Probable carcinogen and mutagen: Thiourea causes cancer in rats. Wash hands thoroughly after use.

Eye Contact: Can cause blurred vision, redness, pain, severe tissue pain, and eye damage. Effects may vary depending on length of exposure, solution concentration, and first aid measures.

Skin Contact: Causes skin irritation.

Inhalation: May cause mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract irritation. Symptoms may include burning sensation, coughing, wheezing, laryngitis, shortness of breath, headache, nausea, and vomiting.

Ingestion: Harmful if swallowed. May cause gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. May cause burns to the digestive tract.

Chronic Effects: Prolonged or repeated exposure may cause reproductive and fetal effects. Laboratory experiments have resulted in mutagenic effects."

For all the above reasons, this cleaning technique should only be used by individuals with training in its proper use.

Jeffrey Herman
Herman Silver Restoration & Conservation

11/2/2009: Argentium Stamps Now Available at Rio Grande
112160 Argentium marking stamp, 1mm, straight: $64
112118 Argentium marking stamp, 1mm, bent: $84
112165 Argentium marking stamp, 1.5mm, straight: $69
112119 Argentium marking stamp, 1.5mm, bent: $89

Rio Grande

10/29/2009: Don't Trust All Silver Polishing Videos!
After watching several online videos demonstrating harmful silver polishing techniques, I feel compelled to send this public service announcement: Do not trust everything you see online regarding silver care! Some of these videos, produced by well-intentioned but ill-informed individuals, show the use of horribly abrasive products such as Nevr-Dull, toothpaste, or baking soda. Some advocate the use of the toxic product Tarn-X which, although not abrasive, will remove factory-applied patinas, and will actually promote the formation of tarnish. The aluminum foil technique (in which the user is encouraged to soak silver in water containing baking soda and a piece of aluminum foil) will also allow tarnish to form more quickly. Also, many videos say that it's okay to put silver in your dishwasher--that's not true!

Please take time to read my Silver Care Guide.

I have spent 25 years testing products and researching the subject of silver care. With proper care, your silver will remain beautiful for generations!

Jeffrey Herman
Herman Silver Restoration & Conservation

10/23/2009: New Member Benefit From Ufax
Go green and conserve natural resources with Ufax! Cut back on wasted paper, ink, and toner by sending and receiving your important fax documents via e-mail and/or on-line. To sign up, go to, then use the promo code (contact SAS for the promo code) during the sign-up process and get $3 per month off any package. No contracts. You can even transfer your existing fax number!

10/18/2009: SAS Address Change
Jeff Herman, Founder, and SAS have moved from the stresses of Providence to a much more bucolic setting in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Please note the change to PO Box 786, West Warwick, RI 02893. The telephone (401/461-6840), fax (401/461-6841), and e-mail address ( remain the same.

5/27/2009: Argentium Sterling Stamp Almost Ready
From Spencer Baum of Rio Grande...

"Last week we reached an arrangement with Argentium where we can bring an Argentium stamp to market.  Before we can begin selling the stamp, our manufacturer has to finish the tooling to mass produce it and we have to approve a sample and receive our first inventory shipment. All of that will take about 6 weeks if all goes well. Pricing will be comparable to our other marking stamps. I will email you as more details come together on this.  As of today, we aren't yet ready to begin taking orders for the stamp, but we should be ready soon."

4/8/2009: John Axel  Prip (1922-2009)
Jack Prip, a good friend, phenomenal silversmith, and respected teacher, died today in Cranston, Rhode Island. He was 86.

Prip was a master metalsmith known for setting standards of excellence in American metalsmithing. His works and designs have become famous for bringing the formal, technical tradition of Danish design into harmony with the American desire for innovation. Several of his designs for the Reed and Barton Company are still in production today.

Prip was born in New York to a Danish father and an American mother. As a child, he moved to Denmark with his family, where his father ran a silversmithing factory that had been his grandfather's. At 15, Prip began an apprenticeship while attending high school. The next five years were spent polishing stakes, sweeping up, and laboriously reproducing classical renderings. The experience taught diligence and a deeply rooted technical skill, but simultaneously imposed a restricted aesthetic. In a way it was the unlearning of these traditional forms and procedures that pushed the young silversmith into bold experiments and motivated the innovations that distinguished his career.

In 1948, Prip returned to the United States with his wife, Karen, and infant son, Peter. He came over on the same boat with a woodworker named Tage Frid, who was to become a lifelong colleague and friend. They had both been invited to teach at a new school in Alfred, New York, called the School for American Craftsmen. At the time, there were few places to study and limited knowledge of metalsmithing techniques in the United States. Prip's position was unique: his Danish training provided him with firm technical grounding, while his American environment encouraged the attitude of exploration and innovation that became a hallmark of his career.

When the school moved to the Rochester Institute of Technology two years later, Jack and his family, which now included daughter Janet, moved along with it. It was during this time in the early '50s that Prip and the crafts movement were eagerly searching for their own style. Along with Frans Wildenhain, Tage Frid, Ronald Pearson, and others, Prip established a gallery in Rochester called Shop One. This gallery was a unique institution in its time, providing not only a business venture originated and managed by craftsmen, but also a forum for the presentation of top quality avant-garde craftwork. Its mission was to educate the public to the special beauty of handmade objects.

In 1957, after three years with Shop One, Prip again felt the need to move on. Through some fortunate connections he was hired by Reed and Barton Company, a holloware and flatware manufacturer in Massachusetts. The title invented for the role he conceived was Artist-Craftsman-Residence. He was given a workspace, materials, and access to the 900-worker factory. It was understood that Prip had a responsibility to address himself to work that might eventually profit the company, but beyond that guidance no restrictions were imposed. Prip was to stay at Reed and Barton for three years. One indication of his success there is the fact that 20 years later several of his designs are still in production.

Prip returned to teaching at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and after three years went to the Rhode Island School of Design, where he would teach until 1981.

His one-man show at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1987, gave me a new appreciation for his work. Each piece was crafted to the point of absolute perfection. I remember finding it difficult to stop staring at such beautiful objects, even trying to locate that elusive solder joint pinhole. . . it never appeared! The holloware and flatware were raised, forged, and fabricated to stand the test of time. Many of the pieces in the exhibit were technically complex, with finishes ranging from smoothly polished to heavily organic. Prip's command of every material he handled–whether silver, bronze, pewter, precious stones, bone, glass, or granite–was obvious. Most of the sculptural objects were so whimsical that his utilitarian holloware and flatware looked to be conceived by a different artist.

Prip's aesthetic and impeccable craftsmanship are a testament to his love of silver and any other material he touched. His technical prowess enabled him to produce anything he envisioned. He often spoke fondly of his time in Denmark, his years teaching at RIT and RISD, and the artistic freedom he had at Reed and Barton. As Jack Prip spent his twilight years in the home he shared with his wife, Judy Skoogfors Prip, I hope he realized the tremendous impact he had on his students and the field of silversmithing.

To see some of Jack's work and bio., visit

Condolences can be sent to Judy Skoogfors Prip, 75 Fort Ave. Cranston, RI 02905.

What a incredible loss to the silver world. Jeffrey Herman, SAS Executive Director

4/7/2009: SilverChat Guest Alan Buff
This was a very insightful members only chat with a silver marketing and sales specialist. Mr. Buff began his career in 1979 as a field sales rep for the Gorham Company. He held positions as product manager, marketing manager and marketing director before joining Reed & Barton in 1985. In his 19 years at Reed & Barton, Alan held a variety of posts including Senior VP Sales and Marketing. Alan left the tabletop industry in 2004 and founded Growth Partners, a marketing and sales consultancy, in 2005.

Growth Partners provides senior level sales and marketing management services to a variety of small and mid-sized businesses on a part-time basis. A partial list of services include: branding and marketing strategy; sales force development and management; distribution channel analysis; key account development; and, market-driven product development guidance. You can read a more about Growth Partners, including several case studies, at Growth Partners.

Read the entire chat here.

2/25/2009: Artist Talk with SAS Artisan Cynthia Eid
The lecture is FREE! To allow them to plan seating, please register (if possible), by calling 617/227-0155 or email, Thursday, Feb 26, 2009 - 6:00pm-8:00pm, North Bennet Street School, 39 North Bennet Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02113 (in the North End---eat Italian afterwards!)

2/3/2009: Two for One Membership!
SAS turns 20 this year! Take advantage of our two for one membership before February 28th.

1/20/2009: SAS Now Takes Credit Cards for Membership
I know, it's about time! New and renewing members can now join by using a credit card. Check your membership status here. If your membership has expired, you can renew here.

1/19/2009: New Artisan Remembrace Page
I've heard numerous interesting stories over the years from many of our Artisan Members — so many in fact that I decided to introduce Artisan Remembrances to the SAS site. It is an account of the more interesting aspects of their lives that they would like to share with the world. Jeffrey Herman, Founder

1/9/2009: Forum Now Members Only
Though only members can post, anyone can read the Forum. If you're unsure of your membership status before posting, please click here. Not a member? Check out our great benefits package.

Feeling cranky and depressed and can't get any work accomplished? Have you discovered a great new tool or technique? Share these things with us. Enjoy yourself, you're among friends! No advertising, please. Post to the Member Forum.

1/8/2009: Michel Ann Royston Dies

12/23/2008: Kurt Matzdorf Dies

11/15/2008: Valentin Yotkov invites you on a trip to his native Bulgaria.
Immerse yourself in rich history and tradition and fall in love with a small country, little-known to the Western world. Admire glorious gold and silver treasures, watch Masters demonstrate their centuries old techniques, meet internationally acclaimed artists and marvel at nature sites of breathtaking beauty. Discover Bulgaria with Bulgarian born and trained master silversmith Valentin Yotkov. Dates: June 25 - July 5, 2009. For information and registration e-mail: or call 718/852-8640. Visit this Web site to view pictures from previous trips.

9/15/2008: Creatively Moving Metal With the Hydraulic Press
Cynthia Eid will be conducting this workshop, Oct. 24-26, 2008, Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi, 950 Rice Rd, Ridgeland, MS 39157. Work with the largest “hammer” in the shop!  Learn how to use the hydraulic press and explore design and form possibilities.  The workshop will begin with hydraulic press safety and care. Learn about and understand how to take advantage of the various thicknesses and durometers of urethane for effective and creative embossing and die forming.  Make and use embossing and silhouette dies. Use 3” deep draw tools to form metal--- 3” discs can become small vessels, lidded containers, or seamless tubes to slice and form finger rings. Learn about split matrix dies and how a reversible silhouette die can make matching halves can be soldered together to create hollow forms for jewelry and hollowware. Become familiar with forming using Bonny Doon synclastic, anticlastic, and free form tools, as well as form boxes and contained urethanes.   Hydraulic press forming can be combined with surface enrichment techniques for limitless possibilities!  This workshop is appropriate for students with basic metalsmithing skills as well as professionals. For further information: or (601) 856-7546

8/9/2008: New Recommendations Page
I've done the research so you won't have to! Listed are products and services recommended by silver restoration specialist Jeffrey Herman. Find out more here.

7/13/2008: Oppi Untracht Dies
Dr. Erhard Brepohl, a senior statesman among goldsmiths, sent this information from Germany: "It is our sad duty to announce the passing away of our relative and long time friend, OPPI UNTRACHT, on July 5th, 2008 at the age of 85, after several years of fighting against a serious illness....  "We know those who live in the heart of others never die - and so it is with Oppi."

6/27/2008: 2nd Quarter Silver News Now Available From the Silver Institute
The 2nd quarter 2008 issue of the Silver Institute's publication, "Silver News", is now available online.  This document is in PDF format and should be viewed with Adobe Reader, and it can be accessed at the following link:

6/27/2008: Residency Position in Jewelry/Metals/Glass Department
The Armory Art Center in Palm Beach County, Florida is seeking a recent or mature MFA graduate jewelry/metalsmith or fused glass artist for a residency position in the Jewelry/Metals/Glass Department.  Responsibilities and stipend depend on term of residency, which can range from 8 months up to a year.  Resident will be scheduled to teach up to three 3-hour classes a week.  Exact classes will be determined by the Resident and Department Chair. Demonstrations during class are encouraged. Resident will give a lecture on their work and influences.  Resident may give an additional workshop. On campus studio and monthly stipend provided.  Resident group exhibition will be during year of residency.

For all the info. please click here.

6/9/2008: McKinnon Global No Longer Offering SAS Discounts

5/23/2008: New Release of Metalsmith's Calculator

2/7/2008: European Silver Workshops with Valentin Yotkov
We are happy to announce this is our third year offering workshops abroad and we invite you to join us on one of our fun filled and inspiring trips to Europe!

Denmark will offer you a five-day hands on Chasing and Repousse workshop on the majestic island of Bornholm, also known as the "Pearl of the Baltic Sea." In addition to the workshop we will go on sightseeing adventures to explore the captivating beauty of the island.

Our trip to Bulgaria will expose you to 10 unforgettable days exploring ancient gold and silver treasures created 2500 years ago. We will view metal vessels and jewelry among the artifacts exhibited at National museums. We will visit private studios of world renowned Bulgarian artists as well as caves, castles/fortresses, natural wonders, and wander through villagers untouched by time.

And then there is Italy in the heart of Tuscany! A stay at an incredible 16 century Villa and winery in the rolling green hills with breathtaking views in every direction. The focus of this workshop will be shading and drawing.

Creating dimension through shading will enable you to see how your design will appear when raised in metal.

We will relish in the beauty of this stunning vineyard and visit the quaint villages that the Chianti region has to offer as well as a trip to Florence.

For workshop schedules and to view photos from previous workshop please click on the links below. We look forward to having you join us.

Valentin Yotkov, Sharon Fosko

Denmark. Chasing and Repousse

Bulgaria. Art and Culture Adventure

Italy. Shading and Drawing for Jewelry and Hollowware

Artisan Member, Society of American Silversmiths
68 Jay Street, Studio 501A
Brooklyn, NY 11201

1/5/2008: Schoonhoven Silver Award:A Challenge for All Silversmiths.
The SilverArt foundation, located in the silver city of Schoonhoven is inviting silversmiths, designers and artists to take part in an international silversmithing competition. SilverArt was founded in 2001 and this is the fourth time it will be organizing a competition for the Schoonhoven Silver Award and accompanying exhibitions. Through this, the foundation wants to achieve its most important aim, namely to bring contemporary "large works in silver" to the attention of a broad audience of art-lovers. We hereby invite artists from all over the world to compete for this glorious prize.

A qualified jury will judge all the entries to this. The Jury comprises: Annabelle Birnie, head of ING Art Management, Jury Chair Sjarel Ex, director of Boijmans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam Ineke Middag, director of the Singer Museum in Laren

The winner will receive the "Schoonhoven Silver Award", a prize of €7,000, made available by Schoonhoven City Council. The foundation aims to have the exhibition tour internationally once the silver works have first been exhibited in De Watertoren in Schoonhoven.

The theme for the 2008/2009 design competition is "Poetry in Silver"

The SilverArt Foundation invites silversmiths, designers and artists to participate in the selection for this competition and the resulting exhibitions. You can enter this competition by sending documentation to: SilverArt Foundation, Bij de Watertoren 25, 2871 SW, Schoonhoven, The Netherlands; before April 12th 2008. This documentation must include clear pictures of your work together with your name, address, date of birth, telephone number and email address. Collaboration between artists is permitted.

Could you please arrange this documentation in such a way that the Jury can effectively get a good idea of your work? For this reason email with attachments cannot be accepted.

Based on the documentation the Jury will select the entrants who will be invited to participate in the design competition. In principle all entrants of whom the Jury is convinced that they can skillfully make a silver object (or have it made) will be accepted. We shall ensure that the documentation is returned as quickly as possible. All Jury decisions are binding.

Definitive design

The participants invited by the Jury to take part in the competition will be asked to make one object in silver with the theme of "Poetry in Silver". This object must be original and recently made. It must not have been previously shown at an international exhibition or have been portrayed in a catalogue.

The object must be predominantly made of silver.  Other materials may be used, but these must not affect the character of the silverwork.  The size of the work must be at least 60 centimeters as the sum of length, width and height. This expressly excludes jewelry.

The pieces must be received in Schoonhoven by January 15th 2009 at the latest. 

The Jury will judge the objects that have been entered and select the winner of the Schoonhoven Silver Award 2009.

All pieces accepted will be exhibited in De Watertoren in Schoonhoven from April 3rd to June 28th 2009. The pieces must remain available to the organization until the end of 2009 for the anticipated subsequent exhibitions.

The SilverArt Foundation will publish a catalogue to accompany the exhibition, in which all the works will be represented with a photo, name and title.

Sufficient copies will be printed for each participant to be given their own catalogue and it will be possible for participants to order further copies.

For more information concerning this design competition please send an email with return address and the subject line: "poetry in silver".

The address is: Additional information is also available on the website:

1/5/2008: New Technical Paper
Check out Charles Lewton-Brain's paper on Patination Safety Considerations. It's a must-read for anyone using these hazardous chemicals, including liver of sulphur!

8/9/2007: SAS Debuts its Career Center!
With its focus on the metal arts field, the Career Center offers its members—and the industry at large—an easy-to-use and highly targeted resource for online employment connections.

We accept resumes and job listings for all positions in the metal arts field, including: silversmiths; jewelers; designers; teachers; chasers; spinners; engravers; die makers; model makers; mold makers; casters; polishers; technicians; manufacturing, and marketing and sales professionals.

7/30/2007: John Marshall Receives 2006 Hans Christensen Sterling Silversmith's Award! 
Jeffrey Herman, Executive Director of the Society of American Silversmiths (SAS), announced that John Marshall has been selected to receive the 2006 Hans Christensen Sterling Silversmith's Award.  "John Marshall has produced astounding large-scale and innovative pieces throughout his career. His amazing ability to move metal and push the material to its absolute limits is nothing short of phenomenal," said Mr. Herman. "Many of Mr. Marshall's major commissions have combined silver and some of the world's largest natural gemstones. Simply handling these major specimens while creating support structures for them is a feat in itself. John Marshall is a humble and driven artist who has given the world a totally new and exciting way to appreciate silver."

Mr. Marshall chaired the Metalworking Department at the University of Washington School of Art, and was named Professor Emeritus in 2001. He also taught at Syracuse University, where he received a Master of Fine Arts degree. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Cleveland Institute of Art, with majors in silversmithing and design. Mr. Marshall's papers and drawings (1963-2003) are included in the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution. He is an American Craft Council Honorary Fellow, a peer-elected distinction reserved for artists of outstanding ability who have worked 25 years or more in their discipline. A two-and-a-half-minute video of John working, and more biographical information, can be found at

The Hans Christensen Award is named after the late Hans Christensen, silversmith at Georg Jensen Silversmithy in Denmark, and Professor of Silversmithing at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York. The annual award honors an individual who has made significant contributions to the field.

About the Christensen Award
Marshall's work and biography can be seen here
Marshall's movie

7/26/2007: MJSA Trade Show Featuring Cynthia Eid
On Oct. 11, I'll be giving a presentation about working with Argentium Silver. Topics discussed will include annealing, soldering, hardening, fusing, kum boo, tarnish resistance, firescale (none), and finishing. Techniques will be demonstrated either via videos of processes, or demonstrations (depending on the fire rules at the Convention Center). For more information, contact Cynthia Eid,

To register for the October 10-11 Trade Show, click here.

7/24/2007: Second Quarter Silver News
The 2nd quarter 2007 issue of the Silver Institute's publication, "Silver News", is now available online.  This document is in PDF format and should be viewed with Adobe Reader, and it can be accessed at the following link:

If you do not have Adobe Reader loaded on your computer, you may download it from the Internet at no charge.  Simply click on this link to the Adobe web site and follow the simple instructions at the bottom of the page.

The Silver Institute
1200 G Street, NW - Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005
Tel: 202/835-0185
Fax: 202/835-0155

7/24/2007: The 2nd Annual MJSA Trade Show for Metalsmiths

You Won’t Find This Collection of Products and Services at Any Other Trade Show: J3D Jewelry Design Institute (CAD training), A to Z Bohemian Glass (beads), Acropolis Studios (CAD/CAM services), American Gemological Laboratories (gemstone grading lab), Agliatta Associates (jewelers’ insurance), AirSep (oxygen & industrial gases), Aquatronics Industries (water & waste management), Bella Venetian Beads (imported glass beads), E.H. Ashley (Swarovski 5-star dealer), Crafford-LaserStar (laser systems), Exquisite Jewelry (gold & silver findings), Forrestal Jewelry (tools for jewelry making & display), Geib Refining (precious metal refiners), Gemvision (computer design software), Gesswein (tools, equipment, supplies), Hybrivet Systems (lead testing kits), Innovative CAD Technologies (CAD Service Bureau), Jewelers Board of Trade (credit reporting, collections, marketing), Jewelers Mutual (insurance for the jewelry industry), Jewelry Training Center (training & education), Lucky Gems & Jewelry Factory (semi-precious stones, beads, pearls), Merchants Overseas (Swarovski 5-star dealer), Metalsmith/Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG), Metalwerx (jewelry making training), refiners), Multi Creations (beads & gemstones), National Assn of Jewelry Appraisers, Niche Magazine, Para Wire (wire & metals), Premier Roll & Tool (roll tools), Professional Security Services (security guards), RHB Enterprises (imported beads, gemstones, minerals), Racecar Jewelry (findings, chain, components), Rare Earth Mining (one of a kind gemstones), Reactive Metals Studio (leading supplier of nobium & titanium sheet and wire), Reliable-Larimar (an ocean blue gemstone from the Dominican Republic), Silver In Style (silver beads & findings from Bali and Thailand), Solidscape (wax printers), Spirig (Spirflame microflame generators), Stuller Inc. (tools; equipment, findings), United Precious Metal Refining (precious metals, alloys, solders), Unique Gems (beads & gemstones), Waxcutter (table top CNC machines), Zarlene Imports (beads & gemstones), and some very interesting companies about to sign-up.

October 10 & 11, 2007
Rhode Island Convention Center, Downtown Providence
Register here:
For additional information, call 800/444-6572

6/17/2007: Shell Forming Book to be Published.
Betty Helen Longhi and Cynthia Eid are writing a book about shell forming, which will be edited by Tim McCreight and published by Brynmorgen Press. The working title is Shell Forming for Jewelers and Metalsmiths: Creative Paths to Form. We are looking for photographs of shell formed metalwork to include in the book. The work may be wholly shell formed, or incorporate parts made using synclastic or anticlastic forming, or a combination of the two. There will also be a bit about raising, so images showing work that has been raised is of interest as well. Jewelry, hollowware, and sculpture of any scale, and made of any metal are all of interest. Digital images are preferable, but slides are fine. Digital images need to be at least 4" x 6" x 300 dpi in TIF.  Images due July 31, 2007.  For further information, email Cynthia at or Betty at

2/25/2007: Silver Institure's 1st Quarter 2007 Issue of Silver News
This document is in PDF format and should be viewed with Adobe Reader, and it can be accessed at the following link:

If you do not have Adobe Reader loaded on your computer, you may download it from the Internet at no charge.  Simply click on this link to the Adobe web site ( and follow the simple instructions at the bottom of the page.

Yenny Feng
The Silver Institute
1200 G Street, NW - Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005
Tel: 202/835-0185, Fax: 202/835-0155

Argentium® Sterling Silver: Past, Present and Future
Peter G. Johns, Technical Director for Argentium Silver Co. Ltd. and Samuel A. Davis, P.E., Senior Process Engineer for Stern-Leach. Peter Johns is the inventor or Argentium Silver. Stern-Leach is the licensed manufacturer of Argentium Silver in the United States.

Thursday evening, January 25, 2007
Time: 6:00 PM – Social Hour
7:00 PM – Dinner is served.  

After dinner, lectures by Peter Johns and Samuel Davis 

Place: MIT Faculty Club 
50 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA
(located on the 6th floor of the Sloan Building, Building E52 on the MIT campus Free Parking is located on the back of building E55, accessed from Main St.)

Price: Non-members: $30
TMS members: $25
Students: $8

Attendees should RSVP to Ceren (Karen) Eraslan at ASAP.


Argentium Sterling Silver is a revolutionary invention that offers the benefits of being harder and more tarnish and firescale resistant than regular sterling silver.  Since manufacturing began at Stern-Leach in 2004, Argentium Silver has rapidly gained popularity and hundreds of products, processes, and major developments have evolved.  Customers, artisans, and craftsman who use Argentium Silver, have become an integral part of the education, marketing and commercial development of the product.  A historical overview of the research behind Argentium Silver will be presented, together with details of the unique properties of the alloy.  Theoretical data and test results will then be discussed, which support the claims being made that Argentium Silver is more ductile and more tarnish and fire scale resistant than regular sterling.  A small exhibition of silverware and jewelry items will be on display and a video titled “The Silversmith of Williamsburg", will be available for viewing at the start of the evening.  This short film depicts traditional silversmithing techniques.


Peter G. Johns, FIPG, is the inventor of Argentium Silver and the Technical Director for Argentium Silver Co. Ltd., leading the research activities and product development program for the company.

Peter brings practical experience as a silversmith, with a unique insight into silver production, from both a craft perspective and an industrial manufacturing perspective.  He trained and worked as a silversmith and is a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and the City of London.  During his apprenticeship, he won a Gold Medal at the Industrial Olympics, as well as several awards for craftsmanship.  His masterpiece to gain the freedom of The Goldsmiths’ Company was a silver cross - this is now the Processional Cross used at Canterbury Cathedral.  Peter is also a Fellow of The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (UK).  

Argentium Silver was developed through Peter’s research at Middlesex University (UK), which initially set out to prevent firescale in sterling silver.  Further research revealed other superior features, including high tarnish resistance and unique hardening properties. Peter has presented his research around the globe, including at the world famous Santa Fe Symposium, on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology.  There are now 16 patents pending and four granted patents related to Argentium Silver.  In 2004, Argentium Silver won the ‘AJM Innovation Award’. 

Samuel A. Davis, P.E., is a Senior Process Engineer for Stern-Leach, a company of Cookson Precious Metals, Cookson Material Products division.  His responsibilities include duties such as alloy, product and process development; Chair of the Ergonomics Committee; customer technical support; procedure writing; and continuous improvement.  He previously worked as a Process Engineer for Titanium Metals Corporation and as a Senior Process Safety Engineer for H.C. Starck.

Mr. Davis is an active member of The Minerals, Metals, Materials Society (TMS); the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE); and Tau Beta Pi (the engineering honor society).  He was selected as a TMS Young Leader for the Extraction and Processing Division in 1999-2000 and served as Chair of the TMS Young Leader Committee, where he helped organize and chair symposiums at the national meetings. More recently, he is the past chair of the Boston Section of TMS.  He received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Argentium® Sterling Silver is a registered trademark. 

11/3/2006: New Benefit for Members
McKinnon Global
Michael McKinnon
1313 5th Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
800/452-4816, , Web site
McKinnon Global offers a 5% discount to SAS members for any jewelry supply product--whether bought on the web or over the phone (please indicate your affiliation when ordering).  An additional 5% for a total of 10% will be given for group orders.  McKinnon Global is an innovative, full-service provider to the Jewelry and Creative Arts community.  We feature our own unique state-of-the-art products as well as the latest from 3M, Foredom, JoolTool, Roland and Eve.

10/20/2006: New Member Forum on the Web!
A new web forum where people interested in collecting silver can get help and advice. The forum features sections on all aspects of silver collecting such as reading hallmarks, and silver care and restoration.

Its a young project, but the small, enthusiastic community is growing fast. In fact's very own Jeff Herman has just become moderator of the silver care section!

Its free to join and participate and we encourage you all to stop by and introduce yourselves at the silver-collector bar!

10/4/2006: New Calculator Version Released

The Metalsmith's Alloy Calculator, a regular Member Benefit, contains additional features. Read about this fantastic new time-saving "tool" for your office, then come back to check-out the numerous discounts.

9/14/2006: Silversmith Florence Hollingsworth Dies
By Cheryl Lecesse/ Staff Writer
Exerpted with permission from the Lincoln Journal

In 2003, the town honored Florence Hollingsworth with the Boston Post Cane as Lincoln’s oldest registered voter. 

She was only 96 years old at the time. 

Hollingsworth, who turned 100 Aug. 28, died at her home Sept. 5. She was surrounded by her network of caretakers, who over the past 10 years had become her family.

Originally from Oregon, Hollingsworth attended Oregon State University, where she met her husband Lowell. The two graduated when the Great Depression hit the nation hard. The Rev. Roger Paine of First Parish Church, where Hollingsworth was a member, said Florence took a teaching job after graduation that paid her only with IOUs at first.

In an attempt to better their situation the couple attended Stanford University, after which Lowell was offered a job at MIT Lincoln Labs and they relocated to the East Coast.

Hollingsworth was a well-known silversmith and taught for many years at DeCordova’s Museum School. LeBlanc remembers taking her back to DeCordova and to a studio at the school, Studio 5, which is named after her.

"You could just see her face light up," she said. "There are some things that just stay even with Alzheimer’s." 

Libby Prince, who has houses in Concord and Florida, was one of Hollingsworth’s first silversmith students at DeCordova, almost 50 years ago and remained in touch with her and her husband over the years.

Prince said Hollingsworth started working at DeCordova in the late 1950s to keep busy. 

"She was so warm that when she had students she befriended them like family," Prince said, and by the end of the class, every student had been to her house either for lunch or dinner.

Sarah Cannon Holden, who grew up in town, remembers the popularity of Hollingsworth’s class, and has a set of silver candlesticks her mother made for her when she was one of Hollingsworth’s students. Hollingsworth would often put her silversmith skills to work outside of the school, making gifts for family and friends. Children of Hollingsworth’s friends remember her as a generous person.

"Florence made a silver creamer and sugar that my mother had and I have now," said Charles Phillips, a Concord resident who grew up in Lincoln.

She also designed the silver communion trays used at First Parish today. 

Hollingsworth shared her wealth. She was an avid gardener and would give her plants to friends, who remember her having a tennis court-sized enclosure around her garden at home. She would also share recipes.

"She was a good cook," Prince said. 

"She was really a legend in Lincoln for many years," said Cannon Holden. "She was just this person of my childhood who was just so special."

5/9/2006: SAS Artisan Gayle Clarke Dies

Visit the Artisan Memorial for more info.

4/8/2006: New Calculator for Members!

The Metalsmith's Alloy Calculator™ is now a regular Member Benefit. Read about this fantastic new time-saving "tool" for your office, then come back to check-out the numerous Member Benefits.

1/12/2006: Changes in Member Benefits Complete
The Member Benefits page is now totally updated with changed contact information, new suppliers, and companies no longer participating.  Please check the Benefits page as soon as you can or before placing an order.  If you have ANY questions, please contact Jeff Herman.

1/6/2006: New Supplier!
Billrich Industries is an authorized distributor of the entire Handler Manufacturing line of processing equipment for the metalsmith.  They carry a full line of dust collection equipment (from single work station to multi-position 3 and 5 HP units), grinders & polishing lathes, bench top polishing units, larger floor model polishing units, jewelers' hoods, hand pieces, flexible shaft motors and lappers, and much more.  Visit their Web site to see Handler’s complete line of products. Society members will receive a 15% discount on all catalogue items, and up to 20% discount on any customized item. Billrich Industries, PO Box 201, Fanwood, NJ 07023, 908/233-7796, Fax: 908/233-7340, Web site

12/29/2005: New Version of Metalsmith's Alloy Calculator Released
New members will receive a FREE download of The Metalsmith's Alloy Calculator! Envelopes must be postmarked no later than Wednesday, January 4th, 2006.

11/26/2005: New Version of Metalsmith's Alloy Calculator Released
If you haven't read about this time-saving tool, find out all about it here.

10/20/2005: SAS Disaster Relief
We'll help metal arts candidates who have been affected by disasterous situations. Find out more here.

10/18/2005: SAS Career Center
SAS members can post FREE resumes and want ads.  You must be a silversmith, jeweler, polisher, engraver, spinner, chaser, restorer, die maker, mold maker, silversmithing instructor, designer, or individual involved in the metal arts field.  Schools and manufacturers may post ads for the above positions. Find SAS Career Center here.

9/29/2005: G&S Metals, Inc.
PO Box 7985, Ann Arbor, MI 48107
800/852-3860, 734/662-9344,  Fax: 877/662-6881, 734/662-6881
Gold, silver, platinum casting grain may be purchased assorted by like metals to achieve maximum quantity price breaks.  Sheet, wires, and, sizing stock also combine for quantity price breaks.  All members will receive one quantity price break. more...

9/23/2005: Precious Metals on Display
Two exhibits in Washington showcase the beauty of silver and gold more...

8/13/2005: The Art of  Hand Engraving
On the sixth floor of the Tiffany & Co. New York headquarters more...

8/12/2005: All That Glitters
It's hard to believe that the smeary pieces of silver lying on Jon Hunt's workbench will more...

8/4/2005: Art Fund Dashes to Save Sterling Trophy
London, England: The Art Fund has awarded a grant of £15,000 towards a unique piece of the nation’s sporting history more...

5/24/2005: New Argentium Sterling Dealer
GS is the latest dealer offering this exciting, new alloy more...

4/27/2005: 2005 Christen Award
This year's recipient has been chosen...stay tuned!

8/11/2004: New workshops listed here.

8/5/2004: Charleston Museum to Exhibit City’s Most Sacred Silver

5/16/2004: Guest of the Month: Don Soeffing
Researcher in early American silver and author of Silver Medallion Flatware. Friday, May 17th from 6:30 onward, Jeff Herman's live-work studio in the old Hope Brewery (Jeff supplies liquids). Friends are welcome; bring interesting stuff, from Brimfield or not, or just a joke. We look forward to seeing you!

5/16/2003: SilverWorksV
Mark your calendar on Saturday, August 23rd, 2003. Additional information will be announced shortly. This year's recipient of the Hans Christensen Sterling Sillversmith's Award has been chosen and will be named at this event. See past winners here.

5/21/2003: New England Silver Society
The newly created New England Silver Society is presenting a pot luck supper at Jeff Herman's loft in Providence on Friday, May 30th at 6:30 p.m.  Click this link for more info.

1/31/2003: Gorham Design Library
The Gorham Design Library has finally been published on CD-ROM! See a review on this newly released comprehensive study of America's most important silver manufacturer. And, SAS members will receive a major discount!

7/5/2002: Henry Petzal Dies
From Art Pryor: I am Henry Petzal's son. I am sorry to inform you that Henry passed away, quietly, in his sleep on March 15, 2002, at the age of 95. I am the curator of his tools, plans etc. If anyone has any thoughts about these materials, please contact me at: Thank you.

6/13/2002: New SilverChat program installed!
Our SilverChat has been down for a short time, but a new one is up and running now! Try it out.

5/26/2002: This year's winner of the Hans Christensen Sterling Silversmith's Award has been chosen!

4/16/2002: New Low Long Distance Rates!
(Current rate for SAS members: 4.8 cents per minute)
OneStar Long Distance, Inc.
OneStar Customer Service
7100 Eagle Crest Blvd., Evansville, IN 47715

Outstanding flat rate pricing on long distance and 1-800 numbers. 25-60% less than AT&T, Sprint, & MCI. Low international rates, six-second billing (18-second minimum), & comprehensive billing. This rate applies to at least $20 per month in long distance calls. To order this service, ask to be transferred to the "Retention Department." Customer service hours are Mon -Fri: 7:00 a.m. –7:00 p.m., Saturdays: 8:00 a.m. –12:00 p.m.

10/20/2002: National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame Award 2002
The National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame announces that there are two recipients of the 2002 award: Mary Ann Scherr, artist and arts educator from Raleigh, NC and John Prip, artist and arts educator from Cranston, RI.

Ms. Scherr has been active in the field of metalsmithing and design for the past fifty years. Her career began in the early 50's as the first female stylist for Ford Motor Company. She is a former Associate Professor of Metals Graduate Studies at Kent State University and former Chair of the Product Design Dept. at Parsons School of Design, NYC. For the past 34 years, she has taught metals courses at Penland School of Crafts in NC. Since 1996, she has taught metalsmithing at Duke University and Meredith College in NC. She has created many innovations and techniques, such as a series of "Body Monitors" and a "Trach" for the medical community, and a Photo-Etch system for a quick method of surface design. Her jewelry and artworks are in many permanent collections: the Vatican, The Metropolitan Museum, the American Crafts Museum, The National Museum of Art, and The Smithsonian Institute.

After apprenticing with a silversmith in Denmark, Jack Prip began his career teaching in the 50's at the School for American Craftsmen in Alfred, NY, one of the few schools offering fine metalsmithing. He has had a profound effect and influence on the shape of metals education in dozens of programs formed over the next two decades. He has also taught at the Rhode Island School of Design, helping to elevate that program to international prominence. He has been an instructor at the school of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and was Designer in Residence for Reed & Barton. His work is in permanent collections nationwide and he has received numerous awards and honors.

The National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame was established in 1999. It is located at The Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. Awards can be given in four categories: Artist, Arts Educator, Arts Patron and Business Patron. For more information or nomination forms for the year 2003, please contact: National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame, 719 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Or call: Gini Rollins, Executive Director, 727/822-7872.

3/22/2002: SAS Plans Trip to Great Britain in 2004!
Sound interesting? Would you like to fill-out a simple one-minute survey? Please keep in mind that you would have to be an active SAS member at the time of this trip.

1/8/2002: Our New Benefit Supplier for SAS Members!
Polishers & Jewelers Supply Company
675 Atwells Ave., Providence, RI 02909
401/454-2888, Fax: 401/454-2889, Web site
10% off all tools, supplies, and equipment from their Grobet catalog. Call for a free catalog.

11/21/2001: SilverWorksIV Updated
Have you ever thought about getting into engraving? Here's your chance to discover this wonderful art form!

11/9/2001: Disposal Damaged Flatware
Don't throw it out!

10/31/2001: Shipping Your Work
Fine out how to do it the correct way here.

10/18/2001: SAS Membership Makes a Great Gift!
Do you know a silversmithing hobbyist, graduating student, or accomplished professional? A membership to SAS makes a GREAT birthday or holiday gift, and, we'll enclose a special gift card. Check out our member benefits then print out the membership form for a gift your silversmith will truly appreciate!

8/27/2001: Non-Toxic Brazing Flux to be Introduced!
Superior Flux will soon be coming out with a chloride- AND fluoride-free brazing flux! You'll see it here first.

8/12/2001: Silver Care Guide Updated
SAS members receive this complimentary instructional guide in booklet form. Not a member? You can still benefit from the on-line guide. This guide is copyrighted!

10/2/2001: Silver Trust International Closes
Linda Meehan, Director of Silver Trust International: It is with deep regret that I announce the closing of the New York offices of Silver Trust International (STI) and the Silver Information Center (SIC) effective October 12, 2001.

For 14 years, a number of international silver mining houses have generously supported the consumer marketing efforts that have benefited all levels of trade in the silver business. Promotional and educational programs, including advertising, public relations and market data, have allowed many firms to improve their sterling silver sales. It has also allowed many editors to offer their readers information on silver care, trends and new products.

Continued low silver prices over the past several years have forced a number of mining firms to reduce costs. Thus, the difficult decision had to be made to close the New York office.

The good news is that the Silver Institute, the parent group of STI, will continue to operate from its Washington, DC base. That office hopes to reinstate some of the consumer programs in the future. If you have received this letter, you are part of the mailing list for notification of future programs. The Institute's phone is 202/835-0185.

In the mean time, I direct you to the silver information Web site (, which will continue to be available and houses a variety of useful information for the trade, press and consumers.

If I can be of any assistance to you in the future, I can be reached at 203/325-2106 or by e-mall ( Diana Shiel continues to operate as Sheil & Co., and can be reached at 201/891-5960, or ShielPR&

All the members of the STI/SIC staff thank you for working with us over the years, and wish you much success in the future.

7/18/2001: NOMM Announces Capital Campaign
Help the National Ornamental Metal Museum to create a major resource for the metals world!

6/3/2001: SilverWorks Once Again a Success!
Read what makes SilverWorks special!

5/26/2001: Sterling Silversmith's Award Announced
See who won the 2001 Hans Christensen Sterling Silversmith's Award

5/24/2001: Sterling Silversmith's Award to be Announced
The 2001 Hans Christensen Sterling Silversmith's Award recipient to be announced late Saturday night (the 26th). You'll find the winner here.

5/17/2001: Coming Soon: Dust Extraction for Holloware!
Getting a lot of dust blown back at you while polishing larger pieces, especially deep bowls? I know the feeling. After 15 years of experimentation, I've finally found the solution! Within the next few weeks I'll put it all together for you with detailed photographs. Until then, take a look at my current set-up which is more cumbersome, but still works well. Jeff "Happy Lungs" Herman

5/12/2001: Next SilverChat - May 30, 2001
If you can't find answers to your questions about the new Argentium Sterling on this page, this is the time to ask them. Herman is the North American technical consultant for this alloy.

5/12/2001: SilverWorksIII Deadline Today!
There are still a few openings for SilverWorksIII. Call Jeff Herman at 401/567-7800 if you're interested.

5/5/2001: SilverWorks Deadline in One Week!
Don't forget to sign-up for the year's major SAS get-together. We need your registration fee by May 12th.

4/5/2001: Argentium Sterling MSDS
A Manufacturer's Safety Data Sheet has been uploaded for this new alloy.

3/2/2001: The NEW Firestain-Free Argentium Sterling
A brief technical page has been produced explaining the advantages of this new alloy. Updates will be uploaded as more information becomes available.

3/1/2001: SAS Member Insurance Programs Finally Arrives!
SAS is excited to announce its latest member benefit. You can now obtain a comprehensive insurance program through our exclusive partnership with MemberNetUSA. As business people, you know how difficult and time consuming handling your insurance needs can be. Now just go on-line, supply MemberNetUSA with the required information, and let them provide you with the program options and prices, all without ever seeing an insurance agent! Check it out >>>

11/20/1999: New ShopTalk Article
Having trouble finding the right chasing pitch? Do you actually know how to use the stuff? Charles Lewton-Brain has all the answers here.

10/25/1999: Try our New Survey for Silver Lovers
 This is a new trial survey feature. Before expanding the survey to contain more questions, we want to be sure this version is working properly.

10/20/1999: New Quizlet Shows Interesting Statistics
Priodically, a new survey will be taken relating to issues in the world of silver, with results of each previous survey posted. Check out our first survey here.

10/18/1999: Woven Metals Workshop Needs Four More Students for Success
SAS Artisan Munya Avigail Upin is offering a "Woven Metals" techniques workshop at Massachusetts College of Art on Nov. 6 and 7th, and is in need of four more students to complete the class. If you're interested, please call Massachusetts College of Art Continuing Education Department at 617/232-1555, extension 443 or 445, e-mail them at, or call Munya at 617/489-3710.

10/17/1999: Three SAS Newsletters Uploaded
Check out the Publications page.

10/13/1999: Jury Announced for SAS Student Silversmiths Competition
Jeannine Falino, Carolyn and Peter Lynch Curator of Decorative Arts and Sculpture Art of the Americas, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Michael Banner, SAS Artisan Member; Pauline Warg, SAS Artisan Member

10/11/1999: Kurt Matzdorf First Inductee to Metalsmiths Hall of Fame ®
The National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame ® is dedicated to honoring metalsmiths with exceptional careers as well as recognizing others for their significant achievements in related fields, and to foster an appreciation of metalsmithing by collecting, preserving, exhibiting and making this information available to those interested.

The very first recipient of this award is SAS Artisan member Kurt Matzdorf, emeritus, Suny, New York. It was presented at Wildacres, NC on July 1st, 1999. In the future it is anticipated that there will be four (4) participants as listed below.

Kurt was chosen by the HOF committee for his outstanding work as an educator & artist. He has received more commissions for his Ceremonial Art work than anyone in the country. In addition after having spoken to several of his students, there was no doubt that he deserved this award. In the future the nominees will be chosen by an outstanding selection committee, For the year 2000 the committee will consist of the following individuals: Evelyn Chittenden, John Cogswell, Tim McCreight, Alan Revere, Barbara Simon and Jean Stark. In the future two of the members of the selection committee will be replaced by two of the recipients.

  • Artist, those who have consistently produced works of art, including designers.

  • Educators, includes directors, curators, marketing & development personnel, etc.
  • Individuals or couples, those that support the art of metalsmithing by volunteering, collecting, exhibiting, financial contributions or any other means of support.
  • Business patrons, those not falling into any of the above categories, however have met the criteria as described above, and made a major contribution to the field of metalsmithing.

For further details and sponsoring The National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame, please contact:
c/o Florida Society of Goldsmiths
719 Central Ave.
ST. Petersburg, Fl, 33701

9/15/1999: Summer Issue of SASnews Now Available
If you're not a member of SAS, you're missing out on reading about "Nathaniel Hurd: Boston Silversmith and Engraver," and sources for antique silver. To find out about our numerous other benefits, go here.

8/13/1999: Five New Workshops Added Today!
SAS Artisan Jack da Silva announces five workshops he's offering at his California studio.

8/12/1999: Next SilverChat Slated for August 13
Jeffrey Herman has been working with silver for 22 years and has specialized in silver restoration & conservation for the past 15 years. Come visit as he fields questions about silver care, finishes, processes used in the trade, approximate cost of repairs, etc. SilverChat can be found here.

7/17/1999: 2000 Student Silversmiths Competition Planned
Updated information on next year's competition will be posted here.

6/18/1999: See The Complete List of Objects in Enduring Traditions
Our Sculpture exhibition: Artisans in Silver: Enduring Traditions Through the Next Millennium, is about to open in Memphis. See object descriptions by going here.

5/28/1999: New Flat Rate Long Distance Pricing: 7.4¢ Per Minute!
Do you REALLY know what you're paying per minute for out-of-state long distance? Are you paying a surcharge for making under $25 in long distance calls per month? OneStar is offering flat rate pricing on out-of-state long distance and 1-800 numbers. You don't even need a separate number for the 1-800 service—it comes through your existing phone line! 25-60% less than AT&T, Sprint, & MCI. No surcharges or minimums, low international rates, six second billing, 24-hour customer service, & comprehensive billing. Our communications consultant is Kathy Goncalves, OneStar Long Distance, Inc. 200 Foxboro Blvd., Suite 100, 800/950-4357, 508/698-2700, Fax: 508/698-2688. As of this note, out-of-state flat rate pricing for SAS members is at 7.4¢ per minute! Not an SAS member? Go here to find out about the many benefits you'll receive.

5/26/1999: Next SilverChat Slated for June 9th
Jeffrey Herman has been working with silver for 22 years and has specialized in silver restoration & conservation for the past 15 years. Come visit as he fields questions about silver care, finishes, processes used in the trade, approximate cost of repairs, etc. SilverChat can be found here.

5/17/1999:: SilverWorks a Tremendous Success!
SilverWorks, our 10th anniversary event on the 15th and 16th, was fantastic. It went so well hat it will become an annual happening. Full details of who was here and what will be planned for next year will be posted soon.

4/17/1999: SAS Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With SilverWorks!
Hurry–only 30 openings available! SAS members must RSVP by May 8th, 1999. Click here for all the details. It's not too late to become a member and join us! Go to the Membership page to see all the benefits.

4/16/1999: Time to Register for the MJSA Expo
This dynamic trade show of the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America exhibits jewelry products, supplies, services and technology to a discerning audience of manufacturers, designers, and wholesalers. In 1998, this show hosted more than 240 booths and attracted over 3,500 attendees from all over the world.

New in 1999, Expo Providence teams up with Fashion Jewelry World Expo (FJWE), a brand-new world-class finished fashion jewelry show in the United States. FJWE looks to attract over 2,000 retail jewelry buyers from all over the world. Expo Providence and FJWE will be a week-long international networking and sales event!

Expo Providence also provides business, technology, and trend-driven education programs to ensure that buyers leave the Expo with knowledge as well as top-grade products.

The Expo is being held from May 16th through the 18th. Member or not, you can still register to attend at NO CHARGE at their Web site.

4/3/1999: SAS Turns 10!
The Society of American Silversmiths was founded by its executive director—Jeffrey Herman, in April, 1989, as the nation's only professional organization solely devoted to the preservation and promotion of contemporary silversmithing, specifically in the areas of holloware, flatware, and sculpture. "I love being a silversmith and the association I have with my peers. I found the need to start a group specifically for silversmiths which was a natural progression in my desire to be a steward of this artform," Herman says.

Its Artisan members, those silversmiths both practicing and retired, who now or used to smith as a livelihood, are provided with support, networking, and greater access to the market. Artisans are silversmiths who have been juried into the Society based on their outstanding technical skill.

Another function of SAS has been to assist those students who have a strong interest in becoming silver craftsmen. With the aid of SAS, its many supplier discounts, and available workshops throughout the school year, students will be better prepared to start their lives as professional silversmiths upon graduation.

Through its exhibitions, catalogs, newsletters, and powerful presence on the World Wide Web, SAS has quickly become the authority on all facets of the silversmith's art and craft. "The decision was made three years ago to broaden the Society's international presence by building a Web site. Information on our site has enabled silversmiths, collectors, educators, and students from 54 countries to benefit from the same information—some critical, like our topics on safety that could only be found in our newsletters," says Herman.

The next ten years will see a greater emphasis by the Society to promote its Artisan members' work. "Antique silver prices are going through the roof as evidenced by record-breaking sales at the major auction houses. We must penetrate this market and introduce collectors to our contemporary silver work that will be the antiques of the future," Herman says.

3/24/1999: Looking for an Engraver?
Outstanding hand engravers of holloware and flatware are tough to find. Ronald Proulx, who has been engraving for 15 years, is one of those individuals. His price list includes examples of letter styles, though, he is happy to quote on unique designs and family crests. Contact Ron at 94 Main St., Chatham, NJ 07928, 973/635-6500, Fax: 973/635-6830.

3/4/1999: New Lower Calling Rates
Our long-distance provider, OneStar, has lowered its rates to .09 per minute for SAS business customers. This flat rate apples to all calling, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even for a no-charge 1-800 number! SAS members who are using OneStar should call our representative—Janice Daniels—at 800/950-4357 to request the lower rate.

2/26/1999: Newsletters on Their Way
Our two publications, American Silversmith & SASnews, will be mailed to all SAS members next week. What, you're not a member of SAS?! Hop to our Membership page and see all the benefits you're missing.

2/12/1999: Safer Alternatives
Still trying to find a SAFE alternative to those toxic substances you've been using? Step this way.

2/11/1999: The Repair Process
See the steps Jeffrey Herman goes through to repair a Gorham soup tureen.

2/5/1999: New Featured Artisan Page!
See what Sue Amendolara's up to.

1/30/1999: Super Safe Flux Supplier Comes Aboard
Organic, water soluble soft soldering flux in liquid or gel form. Plus a NEW and very unique brazing and silver soldering paste flux which embodies "an entirely new chemical principle." It differs widely from ordinary silver solder fluxes. It is neutral - not acid - absolutely non-corrosive - will not burn hand or skin. It eliminates all occupational hazards which are inherent in acid fluxes. SAS members receive a 20% discount on their first order and 15% on all subsequent orders. H & N Electronics, 10937 Rome Beauty Dr., California City, CA 93505, 760/373-8033, , Website

1/28/1999: Post a Job Opening...FREE at SAS Career Center!
See a list of openings in education and the silver trade.

1/24/1999: We'd Love to Hear From You
We'd like to know what you think of the SAS site. If you have a moment, won't you let us know by going to our Suggestion Box?

1/21/1999: Commissioning Silver Just Got Easier!
The Referral Service has been updated to include all participating Artisan members. You'll find their address, phone number, and, in some cases, their e-mail address. As always, if you require assistance, call our Referral Service Hot Line.

1/9/1999: SAS Artisan Member Richard Reinhardt Dies
From the Philadelphia Inquirer: Richard H. Reinhardt, 77, of Newtown Square [PA], a silversmith and jewelry maker who spent more than 50 years at the University of the Arts [in Philadelphia] as a student, teacher of crafts, and school official, died of bladder cancer on December 29 at Paoli Memorial Hospital.

During the 1950s, Reinhardt founded the jewelry and metalsmithing programs and was chairman of the crafts department at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art.

When the school became the Philadelphia College of Art in the 1960s, he was chairman of the industrial design department. He was named associate dean of faculty in 1965, became dean five years later, and served until 1976.

He taught silversmithing and jewelry making for eight years, then returned to the dean's office for two years to help establish the University of the Arts. He retired in 1986.

Widely known as a silversmith, he exhibited his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Philadelphia Art Museum, and in museums in Rochester, NY; Amsterdam, Holland; and elsewhere. His work is included in the permanent collections of museums in Boston and Philadelphia, and in the Smithsonian.

In a retrospective show at the University of the Arts last spring, Inquirer art critic Edward J. Sozanski called attention to Reinhardft's "Superb craftsmanship" and said his career "demonstrates that craftsmanship can readily transmute into art, even when the craftsman isn't striving consciously to produce art."

He added: "After more than a half-century of hammering silver, Reinhardt appears to be having fun with it by seeing how far he can push traditional silversmithing techniques. It's inspiring to encounter an artist so long at the bench who not only still enjoys his work but who continues to grow in its practice."

Reinhardt began studies at the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art (as the art school was then known). He left during World War II to work as a draftsman and to serve in the Marines as a drill instructor.

He returned to school after the war, earning his degree and staying to teach. When he retired, he was named professor emeritus and made an honorary doctor of fine arts.

He is survived by his wife, Hazel; two children, five grand children; and five great-grandchildren. Memorial contributions may be made to the Richard H. Reinhardt Scholarship Fund at the University of the Arts, 320 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102.

1/7/1999: Fourteen New Workshops Listed Today
Check out the latest silversmithing courses on the Workshop page.



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